Monday, 10 October 2016

To stay focused - 5 little ways

Every day there are mind boggling events happening around us. Right from major inventions to heinous crimes on the rise. Amidst this hullabaloo of constant out pour how do we manage to stay in a stable state. Here are a few ways which could help.. 

1.To have a reason worth sticking to:

There is always a reason to all of our actions. The driving force which makes our daily clock tick. To have a reason which gives us a boost at times when all seems hazy and the going gets tougher. The reason plays a very important role in keep us on track. Take time and decide why you are doing a particular task. Just sticking to a task for the monotony of it is just a drain on  your resources. Identify what makes your heart skip a beat, what pumps you and makes you try to reach higher. Once you find it, nothing seems better.

2.The moments of distraction are minute yet powerful:

There is always a singular moment which you can find on retrospect where things could have gone downhill. To remain true to your path at such times is the only test you have to face at such times. To identify these trifling situations which threaten to pull you away is an art. For that all you need to be is be aware. To be aware of what you are doing. Such moments of distraction are unavoidable to the greatest of minds. The solution is not to keep resisting but to accept and face them. Live through them, be conscious of your actions and you will easily sail through.

3.Keep the end in mind:

Your journey is always full of ups and downs. Keeping up your spirits is a task. The temporary shots of caffeine and the quotes all around might work as a stimulant. But the effects wear of in due course of time. Plan out the way you want the end result to be. We at times leave the result up to the myriad powers of 'destiny'. Yet in the process we forget the fact that we are the creators of our own destiny. So think of the finality and how beautiful our achievement would be to our life.

4.Accept the current achievements:

Our feedback system is dependent on our acknowledgments. In the process of trying to achieve our goals, we forget our achievements and our current status. The present situation around is all but a result of our past actions. The moment we are grateful for our blessings (nothing of blind faith here), we underline the faith we have in our capability to achieve more in the future. The regard for our own actions in the past, helps us to be at peace with out self. The major discord happens when we always try to run behind things in the future and forget the present. And that is how we lose focus in the long run. Pat yourself on your back, be a little less critical inwards and believe that you can do well in the tasks you are to face in the near future.

5.Be open to learning:

'You know nothing'. The process of learning is an unending sojourn. The moment you think that you are knowledgeable you lose out on the beautiful process of learning. Being open to learning from all possible sources. The curiosity keeps you on track. From the little kid playing by the swing to the tomes of books lying by your desk, there are always newer opportunities to learn. It is not limited to when you are at your desk studying goes on all the while you are awake. Open your mind to the wonders around us. The systematized order we live in teaches us a lot. This keeps the fire in us burning, to be a better version of ourselves every waking day.

Remember life is a journey. And as all journeys go, the road matters equally as the ultimate decision. So enjoy it while it lasts..

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