Thursday, 10 November 2016

5 little things that help

Different things work for different people. To help you through your day.. Here are a few ones that one could try..

1.Plan to read and execute it:
Make it a daily chore to read at least a bare minimum of two pages, may it be an article in the newspaper, or a post on the Internet. Just make sure that it is something worthwhile your time and not just a gossip column. Something which teaches you a concept unknown to you before. Even a google search on something you stumbled upon. Reading expands your knowledge base and helps you grow.

2.Set aside time to retrospect:
The fine boundary that lies between over thinking and self inspection. In a world where there's hardly a moment to spare for a mundane activity, some important bonds get forgotten. One such bond is the bond you have with your own self. Set aside some time to glance over your own activities for the day. It helps in bringing the right things into focus. 

3.Learn a skill:
There are many websites freely available today which teach you DIY activities for tasks which if learnt help in the long run. Picking up skills on the go is easy and can be pursued as a hobby. For there's life in expansion and death in stagnancy.

4.Thank more:
We often associate money as the only price of the things we buy or the services which are rendered to us. Simply the monetary value paid and the job's done. In reality to acknowledge the person and thank him or her for the smallest of acts you receive is a good habit. Everyone loves a thank you. So why not pass it on if you can and bring a cheer.

5.Keep your goal in sight:
We often end up being the bad workmen blaming the tools. The blame game of forever inventing an excuse for why we couldn't achieve which we wanted to, begins. To stay focused is an art which is mastered by practice. Keeping your goal forever on the fringes of your thoughts helps to keep you anchored to the path you have chosen even in the face of momentary distractions.

So here are just a few things which might help. Everyone needs to find their own niche in the crowd of suggestions you'll forever be receiving... Good day!! 

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