Thursday, 29 December 2016

On Patience and others


   The title could surely be misleading. It is not specifically on a particular topic. Even as I answer to the often incessantly tempting blink of the LED of a notification. It is a thought in progress. It is a thought on the remarkable pace at which we are moving ahead in life. Connected by this inseparable vestige called the Internet. At the risk of sounding an hypocrite, I wonder at how much has is penetrated our lives. The instagrams, the facebooks and whatsapps becoming so much of an integral part.It is marvelous if one ever wondered how lost we might feel without the WiFi and the data packs. 
   Subtly yet slowly we are now used to getting instant results. The speed at which we have our wishes, even needs fulfilled is mind boggling. This eventually has reduced the feeling of acknowledging the process. It seems a distant past well childish wonder dominated every event around us. When the smallest of things were a view to behold. Do we even realise the long process behind every morsel we intake? We at best associate it with the monetary value we had to incur for it. Do we ever spare a thought for the farmer who must have spent many a sleepless night, guarding his crop? Or even the driver who had to undertake a journey with its own share of troubles to bring it to the grocery in our neighbourhood. Ah! we have an apt explanation for it.. We are busy.. Busy in our own lives running behind fabrications of our own mind. Pursuits which we feel will make us happy.
  The virtue of patience is sidelined more often than not by our hot-blooded young populace. It is so easy to take offence and react with an air of wisdom(at best on social networks like me). The tougher task lies in having the patience to understand the situation at hand. There are faults we see with our parents' generation. No one comes in perfect packages devoid of faults. But yet they do have one thing better than us. The ability to be patient. Let us not debate on the times when patience is blamed to be detrimental. It is all but a journey with all assuming their roads to lead to the right destination. If only we realise some time soon that, each road is unique on its own to be discovered by the individual himself or herself. To have a level-headed approach is challenging. Be patient with not just the world, but your own self. Persevere to grow through all the downs and persist through the highs. This is what defines patience for me. Have a good day.. :)

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