Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Simplicity sans rhyme

Forever in the pursuit of perfection,
A blind eye to the present tense
State of frustration when things go haywire
Control lost and visions blurred...

Energy coiled, compressed and ready to spring
Ideas vivid and plans aplenty 
Waiting in store for a scary monotony
Towards the end of days of being carefree...

Podium finishes mar the competition
A race to win for everyone
Routine of earning a wage awaits
Approaching it with being tensely aware...

Dreams no longer of knights and dragons
Adulthood no longer just a number crossed
Seriousness seeping through the crags
Nooks dusty and farewells rehearsed...

To a life of abandon reaching its end
Done with thoughts of morose mockery
Why do we mould ourselves to fit in
Being just another brick in the wall...

Growing up with a shoulder readied
To carry a responsibility we never asked for
Fitting into a construct defined by invisible hands
Approvals and denials stacked in abundance...

Individuals with flaws stand where once stood idols 
Perfection hence a pursuit for fools
To follow a path you are required to, by many
And it now calls for courage to be unleashed...

A deep breath clears away the mists
Clouded mountains in sight once again
To now take a stand and value the one thing
Discipline and consistency in the actions I take...

Find the things which make your heart beat faster
The one thought that brings in the rush to your veins
To pursue it would mean the happiest of journeys
With its tough tasks and yet the one missing word...


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