Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The superhero in you!

    Growing up, each one of us always have had a character to adore. To simple look up to. Some from the real world, but some having a far greater space in our lives. The super heroes. The days when we actually believed that a spider bite is all it'll take to transform into a the web-slinging Spiderman. Or closer home, being dizzy after an unsuccessful attempt at imitating Shaktiman, having exhausted ourselves twirling around. The very many superheroes with their superpowers were a dream cherished. The fight against the villain to save the day. To save humankind from the dark plots being kindled against it. At some point or the other each one of us sincerely hope to find our own superpower. To be able to rush across skyscrapers and dive deep into the oceans. And then we grew up.. 
    Dismissing the superheroes as innocent concepts of the kiddie days we chose to simply follow the movies that were being dished out. Wearing franchise t-shirts and merchandise, to somewhere keep the fire still alive. In the process we chose to give up on finding our own superpowers. 
    Is that so? Do we not all have a superpower within us. The little secret to save the world in our very own way. Why not be superheroes today? Baby steps, perhaps but we could be our own superheroes. The little acts of kindness to any random stranger, a helping hand for a good cause and the list could be endless. For how many times has it been that we have been at ease by someone being generous enough in their own times. To appreciate the thousands of acts which gave us what we have today is the beginning. As we start earning, we associate every thing around us as a product and the monetary price as its compensation. Hardly do we ponder over the superhero who must have put his heart and soul into the creation of that process. We cannot yet be great philanthropists practicing charity. Despite this fact we have our own little ways to give back. To make someone's day brighter. There isn't great evil we thankfully have to face on a daily basis, but we do have our own struggles. Wouldn't you be a superhero if you could lessen these burdens even in the slightest for a person? 
    All one wants at the end of the day is no more trouble. No more grumpy spouses to face. It begins really small. It could be a mere heartfelt smile at the end of a busy day. People live with unimaginable issues at hand, and they try their best to eke through. This post is about finding the superhero in all of us. To realise that you could never be an island. You can make a difference, gradually, one step at a time. It is about a choice you make. You rise with a determination to be your best self. To be kind in your approach to all, irrespective of their position. To be a little less self-centered. For when you search for this superpower of kindness within you, you yourself become a better person. You find happiness in spreading joy. After all isn't it about being happy?

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