Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How do i feel of the west

As mentioned time and again I am a great fan of books. But when I saw a little deeper into my book lists and the authors that I have read I was surprised to find a majority of the authors to be European. My favourite being J.K. Rowling, then comes Sir Arthur conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Michael scott, Rick riordion (not european), Dan brown, and the list is always varying except for the first name. Why do I feel drawn towards the west authors and when there is quite a legacy of Great authors in my country India. When I think a bit more I do understand that may be I have not yet come in contact of any Indian book which could truly touch me except of course my all time favourite by Mrs. Sudha Murthy. It feels sometimes guilty to not have read a lot of Indian books. Truly its is a bit reddening but fact is a fact and I hardly try to deviate from the facts.
 I got the answer finally, quoting a proverb " the grass is always greener on the other side ". May be this is the only reason.. Yes may be it is so. But truly any passionate reader will not deny the fact that the old world charm that emergeres out of the writings of Sir doyle and Madame agathe christie is superb and enchanting.
  The books are finally nothing but the thoughts of an author personified.. I read this line on a navneet notebook which is so true " Books are like landscapes varying with the state of consciousness of the reader "
  So now the guilt recedes when i realize we all are the children of a singular entity. There is no such thing as West or East. or for the matter north or south. At least in literature.... :P

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