Tuesday, 5 June 2012

One more story this too ORIGINAL

                              In the same town of Velpan was a boy called Atharva. He was about fifteen years of age. Being a lone child he had a subdued childhood. He never usually liked to mingle with children of his own age. Not his fault though because it was his nature and one cannot change a person's nature no matter how hard one tries. This loneliness had another effect on Atharva. He found peace and tranquil in books and his imagination flourished. He literally lived in a world of his own where harry potter co existed with Sherlock Holmes.
                     Once Atharva was returning from his school. As usual he enjoyed school, not so much because it was fun but because there in school he could lose himself in the myriad world of books. On his way home on the school bus he was gazing through the windows at the real world that was not very significant through his eyes. He could see the dark rain clouds clustering together in the sky and slowly enveloping the world in blight shadows. One could hear the distant roar and rumble of the clouds, as if someone with a hoarse voice was whispering dark secrets. The trees gushed in rhythm with the wind, anticipating the drops of the first rain of the season. The ambiance was splendid enough to take Atharva into yet another revere.
                      He never ever liked soaking in the rain but yes this day seemed different. He saw a few streaks of lightning flash by making a striking sight against the dark sky. And suddenly as if to bring Atharva back to this real world the bus jerked and came to a harsh screeching halt. As all heads int the bus turned questioningly towards the bus driver, every one already knew the answer. The bus had had yet another breakdown and would take some time to repair. Atharva let out a sigh and got out of the bus his bag flung on his shoulder. The sudden chill of the cold wind caught him unawares. The atmosphere was truly heavenly. All the students had disembarked and were strolling about in groups, except of course for Atharva. And the fell the first drops of rain. The subtle tickle of rain drops, accompanied by the gentle breeze. As it dawned on everyone they started hunting for a shelter to seek refuge from the eminent shower.
                     All but one remained rooted to the spot, and you know who it was. The drops gained momentum and then it was a slight drizzle. Subconsciously Atharva could hear voices calling him to take shelter but he didn't, he couldn't, he wouldn't respond. Someone was holding him back. The drizzle was now a shower rapidly gaining momentum. The rain falling on his shoulders and drenching his head was welcome to him. Atharva realised it was the first time he had ever been drenched in the rain. All memories of rain he had read in books.. Le Miserables, The Tempest, came flooding by. He had till that moment only read what it was to feel the torrential rain beating against one's entire being. This was new feeling exhilarating and soothing at the same time. He was now completely lost in the rain. Never before had he felt so elated, so blessed. Why today? And then out of the blue a flash of lightning came straight out of the sky and struck just a feet away. All feeling came crashing back to Atharva and he felt his heart hammering against his rib cage vaguely he heard some students scream as he lost consciousness.....

          {Just yesterday Atharva had lost his dear mother. The rain had never soothed him, in fact he had detested it till the day. Today it was his mother who had reached the heavens and sent a blessing for her child. This rain had made him aware that his mother would never leave him alone and unhappy. She would always be there above watching and sending him subtle messages to decipher and this was one.........}

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