Sunday, 16 September 2012

Another original "That day"

                                         In the town of Velpan yet another day dragged on. The tranquil that entombed was dreadening. The birds weren't their chirpy best. But the wind was considerably vociferous. The wind blew shrilling whistles and engorged all other sounds. The towners had limited themselves to their boundaries of the so called safe havens. This day was a bit unusual even for Velpan. In the mansion of  'Viranis', Vidyuta just another girl in her mid teens sat beside a rickety window. Her flint black eyes stared into the distance. The gaze was impeccable. You could see her sitting still but her mind had already played game of catch. It was whirling rapidly with an array of thoughts. The tumultuous wind had made her parents stay back at her aunt's place, she thought so lonely. Her hand automatically moved towards the window latch but is was open as she proceeded to open the window it sprang open as if it had a life of its own.
                                         The wind was with her today. The sky had turned silver. The mild sun sent out a glazed beam diluted even further by the fluffy yet mighty clouds. The wind started blowing inside. Brushing against her face, tickling her ears and rustling her hairs. It was enthralling. A gentle smile crept its way to the corner of her lips. She bent her neck to look at the diary she had on her lap. 13th September 2012. A single red patch of ink caught her sight She glanced aside and faced the wind. It had been along time since she had smiled. Everyday was gloomy for her for she had no friends. No one befriended this strange girl, the girl who confined herself to the myriad world of books. Sometimes she would be more of a book than a girl. She had lived the magic of Hogwarts, flew on Saphira the dragon, solved mysteries with Poirot, she crept up in the Arena with Katniss Everdeen and shouldered her in her duels. Lyra Belacqua, Eragon, Frodo Baggins, Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase all had lived in her
                                           And then she caught a glimpse of a couple in the distance standing still. How could she have missed it. She ran out of the mansion gates and pranced towards the couple. Ah! it was her Mom and Dad. But something was wrong. A single tear drop glistened on her Mom's face. As she neared she tried to avoid a slab of granite and then.. she lost her balance and fell over. Vidyuta grimaced readying for the pain but there was none. She turned her head slightly to look at the slab. On the slab was newly etched.
                                Vidyuta Virani (17th April 1995 - 13th September 2012)

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