Wednesday, 21 November 2012


             "I was distracted" How many times do I get to hear this phrase nowadays. Just a couple of days back I heard a 2nd grade boy say it. How amusing it was that little kid saying it so nonchalantly. Distracted is something which we all are. Every one of us has that peculiar distraction which we fall prey to. However hard we may try it is there somewhere lurking in the shadows ready to pounce every moment exactly when we do not wish to be distracted. Yes so funny that when one decides with great will to complete a particular task. The level of enthusiasm is so high you can sense it in the surrounding air. It is contagious too and of course human nature. From what I observed I could say that, that two tendencies follow with a few exceptions. Whenever we observe any sort of action in our surroundings passively or actively some sort of an impression is left on our consciousness. And somehow we do get influenced by it. The two tendencies could be exemplified as follows: When a person student sees a fellow student studying( or at least trying to.. :p) There are two reactions generally. One is either the observer gets inspired to study himself or herself or the other way round it is that the observer tries to dissuade the other person from studying. Unfortunately the second tendency is generally observed to a much greater extent.
              I once read a very factual line( in fact one behind one of those Sundaram notebooks). It goes as.. " The world would have been a much better place had the people thought more for their own happiness than for the sorrows of others".. The green monster of envy plagues every  field today. May it be sports, literature, politics, arts, even sadly science. May be this is the root cause of dissent which seems to be omnipresent worldwide. When I read of the Gaza strip bombings a corner of my heart burns to see those innocent children and women alike die in heaps for the sake of some narrow minded ambitions. But don't let the monster of anger creep in here.. The sake of pity and a short prayer follows my thoughts to bless those with prudence and common sense which is becoming quite uncommon today. It is simply easy for me to type this venture of my mind, but humongously difficult to bring it into practise. Even then as Kasab hangs on a noose somewhere a shimmer of radiance sparks and encourages to spread the word of satisfaction and harmony.. :D.. 
P.S: as I re-read this draft So factually I observed as how I got distracted from the main topic of DISTRACTION.. Such an Irony life is

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