Friday, 15 March 2013

Thoughts on the Rosetta stone..

  A visit to a museum always is a pleasure for the history lover. Sadly this species is rapidly diminishing. The formerly prince of Wales museum, and now the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj MUseum, Mumbai, mad a long dream come true of mine. Jus loved the visit. Not highlighting all the artifacts. Will just write about the most exotic one.. The Rosetta Stone.. had been a dream of mine to see it. Having just read about it in the stories. Especially in the kane chronicles (fiction). by rick riordan. Just blew of my mind. The stone which gave the key to decipher the word meaning of the heiroglyphs. Mr.Champolion did the honors of deciphering a part of it. The Stone might seem a piece of granite for many. But for me it was much more than that. The way it enraptured me. The aura of mystery. The way it taunted all to challenge them to try and decipher the hidden meaning behind those intricate carvings. Just loved it man. Words won't ever describe how i feel at this moment. The stone found during the excavations of Napoleon Bonaparte. Just imagine it must have passed under the gaze of the little corporal. Nothing more to say. Spell bounded

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