Thursday, 18 April 2013


          The very word misunderstanding, is so misleading. A person either understands a person or he/she doesn't at all. That's the case. Many times we feel that we do understand a person. But in fact we do not. That is sadly the cause of all quarrels and arguments. We face a dilemma when we do not understand the reason for a person's particular actions or thoughts. Each and every person thinks and understands at his/her own level. This level is decided by the amount and quality of impressions on the conscience of that particular person since childhood. These impressions go a long way in determining how we react to situation we face. The problem is diversity of thoughts. This happens because of a variety of reasons. We cannot help it. Misunderstandings have destroyed many a relations. This has caused enormous amount of pain trouble to the people in consideration. Usually two individuals. The individuals are two because everything in this world occurs in pairs. The pairs represent the real nature of everything. Leaving that aside we do realise that so many misunderstandings arise only due to the lack of communication. No human being in this world is perfect. This line is heard by us so many times. But the crux is that we apply this line sub consciously only to the other people. We do not apply it to ourselves.
    Scientifically too we see that things tend to move from higher potential to lower potential. That is the tendency of human mind too. It is a thing which has caused so many problems to us. The descent is always preferred option. So it is quite natural that our eyes detect the faults of others very quickly and tend to ignore the faults which we have. This is sadly is a world wide tendency. It is so bad that we do not even spend time on introspection. This happens a lot of times and then leads to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings need to be resolved in the earnest. Because the more time we let these things wander in the myriad garden of our mind the more detrimental these things become. It becomes a deep rooted thought and starts rusting. It gradually affects our other actions too. As we grow we tend to become more and more judgemental of people. We literally jump to conclusions and create a pre image of a person. Many times this pre image comes to the fore and strikes at the time of an argument and causes a misunderstanding. These things slowly stack up and hurt both the individuals. And then there comes the evil of EGO. It is omnipresent and strikes one and all of all ages and creeds. The wild instinct of self preservation degrades gradually to this evil of EGO. Thus misunderstandings do not get resolved because of this evil. It is impossible to lose out this ego. An impossible task for the greatest of great.

   The simple solution that lies before us is that. We should place ourselves in the place of the person in concern and try another point of view. The other side too might have some genuine points. Many times people do realise their faults but do not accept them. This again is ego. Hence the final destination that awaits us is a leveller of all. It equalises all animosities. Keeping that end in mind we should try to accept the vagaries of life and live accordingly. It is a sad thing that we do not understand this. Hope again is our only forte. Just hope that slowly this pollution of thoughts gets this antidote of love and acceptance and does its miracles.. All we need is BELIEF..

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