Thursday, 18 April 2013

••... The Spy... ••

              3 more kilometres through  the dense woods and he would be crossing over the boundary. Jayek made his way through the thick trees and creepers. The sun was supposed to be at its glory at noon. But the trees made it seem a night on the ground, clouding the rays. For forty years Jayek had been one of the best trained spies of his country. Orphaned at birth he was whisked away by the government machinery. Whisked away from the country of his birth to an unknown island for elite spy training. He and twenty other infants had been reared in secrecy on that island. Al Jayek had remembered was the spartan lifestyle and the rigorous mental training. At a time when children hardly learnt to speak Jayek was fluent in 13 languages. He had been exceptional in diplomacy and advocacy. The shrouded mission warden (the supreme in charge commander of the training centre) was especially proud of his protege. He could very well convince a cold-blooded goon to give up violence and become an ascetic. At the same time he could instigate a flock of sheep to prey on a pride of lions. His tongue was his weapon. After nineteen years of training Jayek had been deported to a country plying his trade. Jayek was a trump card. The Warden had said on the graduation day, "You are too precious Jayek.. " But it sounded ominous to Jayek. As if he meant to say something more subtle. The best spy times had seen. Jayek had dined with the country premier and leaders seconds before planning and bringing about their downfall. He had pupeteered councils and cabinets to his will. His motto was 'pull the right string and the bell will finally ring'. The government machinery had been greatly helped by Jayek's secret work. Jayek had reached pinnacles of power, becoming a king maker. His identity was yet unknown to his rivals. ♦♦...............................................................♦♦
   Back to present day Jayek was found cursing his luck, running through the jungle. The simple folly of a complacent moment had transpired to his present predicament. A single document, a single stray moment faxed to him by the warden was found. The maid servant had understood the encrypted script. Unlike usual protocol this document was encrypted. The maid had already been cynical of him and his ways. A quote rang through his conscience.. "Man hath no greater enemy than a woman scorned.." The document had reached country officials. Jayek was doomed. It was his silver tongue which had hardly allowed him to get a head start. Given the speed of the officials it was slow this time. Jayek had escaped the embassy's guard. The excuse was a stroll in the park. How thick could people be. Jayek mused. As he came to a clearing he panted. He was running out of breath but not of luck. It had followed him everywhere. He remembered the warden's words during the special training. "Whenever in trouble you have two options.. Option1: Use your brains to make your way out of the muddle..and the other option use it wisely.. Option2: Use the transmission chip embedded in your wrist since your birth. The agency will then bail you out of the situ." Here he was using the second option available. He vaguely remembered these thick woods. It was through these woods he was smuggled into this rival country at the age of 19 for his spying mission. Now the transmission chip had been activated. Just a kilometre more and he would be free. He still remembered the warden's face 21 years ago when the warden himself had come to see him of for this mission of 21 years. A rare honour for a 21 year old trainee.. Jayek's heart gave a jump when he thought of the rescue team waiting for him across the border. Jayek ran faster as the 1000 meters succumbed to a few 10. In the distance Jayek saw the camouflaged rescue jeep. Ah! Sweet! He was salved. Finally at the age of 40 Jayek would retire in peace. Throwing military protocol to the wind Jayek sprinted towards the jeep. A solitary figure sat in the jeep. It was the warden!. The same proud smile on his face. 
            A rare honour again for Jayek the warden himself to rescue him!!The warden's face was now wrinkled a single bead of sweat trickled down the warden's brow. And then Jayek sensed it. The warden stepped out with a smile and say, " Oh! my boy you are back! You are too precious.. " And the silenced shot rang through the woods from the mini revolver hidden in the warden's sleeve. As Jayek fell backward and landed with a dead thud. As the warden completed the sentence to his protege started 21 years ago.. "But too powerful and hence dangerous and dispensable too.. !"

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