Friday, 26 April 2013

The fog

The brain they say should be sharp and alert
Forever and ever on your guard
You should always be on your toes though deep in dirt
But are these things so easy to ward

They expect you to seem lithe and confident
Ready to solve the latest puzzle
But all the smothered steam hardly finds a vent
To escape out, to tear the binding muzzle

For me the surroundings seem so in a hurry 
I need to match my pace with the big Ben
All strive day and night heart on sleeves, mind in worry
As the reel rolls by you start your walk towards the den

The people make one so conscious about my bearings
The etiquette, the manners all a play
And the underlying mischief and subtle swearings 
Yet God bless em all is what I say.

Believe me if you will with your heartiest smile
For all this is an art to live a day
Be thankful that fog covers the naked truth for a while
But if you wish you could make it sway

Does it matter if a person thinks wrong about me
It shouldn't technically of course
But I am a human, cannot always pretend a glee
I keep shouting it aloud till i go hoarse

Some say the fog hides away your saddest tears 
Yes it does conceal them away
Do not be ashamed to clear away the devilish foggy fears
Because its no use pretending night and day

Be the real person that has the heart beating in you
Hear to those gentle chimes
swaddle away the fog the time it cleared is due
There are to come yet those happy times 

Do all you will but never curse any soul
For its something which will boomerang
Live the life as it comes your way enjoying the whole
'Be Happy' is all once a great seer sang

Dispel the fog to embrace the goodness that still exists
Pessimists, cynics and hypocrites are all but our brethren
Its time you bless them and move on from fogs to mists
Ohh and someday all end going towards the same den.

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