Thursday, 11 April 2013


              On the similar grounds of the glossy Barclay's English Premier league, the Indian cricket board officials kept up their tradition of aping the west like the majority Indians to present the Indian Premier League  or the Indian Paisa League). The six years of this so-called 'cricket' league have given  the people a perfect example of an Anti-climax. The descent from a real league to a true cricket lovers' eyesore. There are times when I literally cringe at the sights. Controversies galore to this extravaganza. The league is played for the public. Sheer entertainment. It follows the line of dishing out mindless entertainment. So it is no surprise when you find a Sameer Kocchar or a Danny Morrison dressed up in a sherwani chatting up the lost and forgotten cricketers of the yesteryear's. Or a skimpy clad 'imported' cheer girl gyrating to rock numbers every time the red cherry crosses the boundary line. Merchandise stores have found yet another way to sell colourful wares from jerseys to napkins. The business minded 'cricket officials' have found a number of unofficial ways to fill the pockets in this stream of money (black or white?? heaven knows). Money. money and money everywhere. The internal problems of this nation of ours are so diplomatically neglected just to give a phillip to this lucrative league. The drought in Maharashtra is something which you find in a daily only if the journos find a space for it after analysing the details of the IPL matches. A time when water isn't available to quench a sore throat, thousands of liters of water is being used every day for grooming the cricketing meadows. Would it really matters if these leagues do not occur and the ground dries up, at the cost of those blessed drops to the parched lips. And high time when we start contributing for a public fund to erect urinals for the nephew.

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