Friday, 19 April 2013

••...The Spy:2...••


         The motor boat cut off its buzzing engines as it harboured on the coast of the unknown island. The air was salty and reeked. The boy barely of 19 years tied the boat to a ledge and got off it on to the sandy beach. If his co ordinates were not wrong this was the training island. The same island. According to the boy's well placed sources the Government machinery had now been shut down. The training centre was no more. But more importantly all the training staff had been relocated on the island itself. A self sustaining town had been set up. The boy made his way towards the town. The towering training centre mocked him from a distance. It was now used as the town hall. 'How pathetic'. A group of little children played on the streets with colourful marbles. Their innocent cackle was so ironic to the place which once was responsible for killing the innocence of children to churn them out as expert spies.. These children were the antecedents of the same cruel staff which had created a batch of ruthless espionage agents.
          The boy wore a cloak which disguised his muscled physique. He walked over to a salon and asked for Mr. Geoffrey. Yes Geoffrey it was. The source was truthful enough. Anyways only a fool would dare to lie when the boy was around. One way or the other, the boy could extract the truth from the person in question. It was an inherited talent. The boy's mother had brought him up for this very day. The salon owner pointed to a distant ice cream stall. 'Seriously ice cream stall owner!' The boy thought in mock amuse. A piece of metal struck against his abdomen beneath his cloak. 'Yes it was still there' The boy trudged towards the ice cream stall. Another group of little children frolicked around the stall owner. An old man into his eighties. Stooped with his back towards the boy. The boy tapped the old man on his shoulder. The rheumatic old man turned to face him. A shadow passed his face, with an ice cream cup in his hand he said, 'Oh! so you came. I had dreaded it that He would leave a legacy. You have the same eyes. Go on!' . A Bullet fired from a mini revolver, the one which was last used 19 years ago. As the old man fell backwards with a trademark proud smile on his face. The Warden was dead.

19 years before:

          She heard the shot ring through the forest.'ohh he's gone' she thought. She ran faster towards the border. There he lay dead, before she could kill him. The maid servant stumbled towards the body. 'AHh!  there was a beat' She cradled the head of the very man she had intended to kill. The man who had scorned her. She carried the son of that very man. A man who had made promises only to break them. Liars they were. All of them.
 Earlier that day she had found that letter. There were many letters for the man. But never had she been able to lay a hand one even one of them. But that day the letter came by post not the usual secretive delivery boy. She had been scorned by that man, Jayek. She tore open the seal to read a single word on it,
                     -The warden"
          Ohh so that was it. She would not let him live for using her. Jayek was her prey now. But somehow Jayek had got the wind of some trouble. He had escaped the embassy guard. She ran behind him through the jungle. And finally he lay here dead. In the distance the maid saw a camouflage van drive away. She remembered the face with a proud smile. He was the one who had stolen her prey. Anger coursed through her veins. She promised that one day the man would regret for stealing Her prey. She picked up the mini revolver which lay on the ground and made her way with a resolute mind. She burnt a pyre of Jayek, the man who had scorned her, her prey to be. On his ashes she made a promise.

          And the boy was born. He had Jayek's eyes. Every time they would remind her of him. Anger would boil. But she schemed and trained the boy. Her sole power, Revenge. For 19 years she trained him and gave him the mini revolver. She bade him Adios as the boy sped away on his motorboat. The maid knew that finally she would have her revenge... And she had it. "Man hath no greater enemy than a woman scorned"...

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