Wednesday, 17 April 2013

↔..The trait of being possessive..↔

         'Having the best for oneself' is a general tendency of us all. The best of amenities, even in fact the best chunk of a cake. This want gradually leads to want of special attention. The need of a complete dedication of a person or  a thing for oneself. Mostly children with no siblings display this trait. Having had no siblings to share toys, candies, books and all those seemingly little things leads to this trait in such children in later stages. All the love and pamper of the parents is directed towards the child. There is no second entity to tap away the shower of affection. All the goodies are available to the child alone. As the innocent years of childhood pass by, the habit of being possessive slowly seeps into the persona. The person is exposed to a multitude of friends. They influence the person to a large extent. Many times there comes by a special friend amongst them whom we get attached to. For a span of time we dedicate our whole and soul in that relation of friendship. Single children usually end up getting overly attached to people. They immerse their thoughts words and actions into the friendship to greater extent. And hence are more affected if a friendship fails to blossom in the averse surroundings. These children expect to have that special friend for themselves exclusively. But in the process forget, that they have an individual life to live too. And many a times they do not get the expected share from the other person's life. This leaves them famished and flummoxed. Sadly this is the case with me too. And I do understand the conflict children like me face... So do comment if you are too like me. But at the end I say.. This trait isn't something which sticks on to yo. With a little help from a really good friend one learn to accommodate and adapt. And thankfully I have been among the lucky few to have found a friend who really helps..

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