Thursday, 18 April 2013

☻○ Wishes ○☻

     What are wishes in fact. The desires of a conscious mind which percolate deep into our sub conscious mind. The strong emotions attached with a wish always add to the craving we feel for its fulfillment. We human beings have expectations from our surroundings. Right from the train arriving on dot time to the sweeper cleaning the roads spick and span. These are mere expectations. But at times we have expectations and desires with a combined craving for them to be fulfilled. Wishes give a naked picture of our mindset and the mentality we posses. The simplest of wishes have a striving person behind it. We wish to have a wide variety of things. The wishes vary from person to person. As we grow, our wishes blow away from the winds of fiction and imagination. They become complex. And yet our craving for them to be fulfilled remains the same. 
    We move on for example from wishing to be a bird to wishing for the latest smart phone available in the market. These wishes carry a slimmer of hope to be fulfilled. How excited we are when our wish is about to be fulfilled. The tremors of expectation add to the pleasure of our wish being fulfilled. It ushers with it a stream of bliss. But as always it is momentary. So lets search for something long lasting. In the meantime lets keep wishing.. ;) !!

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