Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chuck it away

Don't change for the sake of somebody
Polishing, relishing, frolicking your way
Its a crime to force yourself for some Maddy
Simply chuck it away

Living to match the standards set out
Running the rat race with drudgery
overcoming what is only laid about
Simply chuck it and clearly see

Great men said great things for us 
Get inspired but not blind
Carve your own path drive your own bus
Simply chuck the past behind

At times when the devil of anger creeps
Give it a vent to lose it all
Jump high as you can but remember no one really weeps
Simply chuck and let it fall

No one is going to give you a medal for your pamper
Neither for your branded styled jeans
Criticism, take it in but not let it hamper
Simply chuck those plans and use your means

It is the mad ones who make it large
So don't smother the sleeping maniac
Let it grow big and break, push and barge
Simply chuck off what's on the spoon-fed rack

On your way to the awaiting deathbed
There will come many a friends
Never let them out of your heart though may they fall off your head
Simply chuck every thought and think, as this thing ends

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