Sunday, 19 May 2013


          The earth which is supposed to be a planet which has been blessed by the gift of life. It is billions of years old. The life of any individual is enormously insignificant in the book of earth's history. Many civilisations int the history of past 4000 years came and left their mark. Their  physical remains, went into oblivion. Yet even to this day the culture, the thoughts of many great civilisations breathe among us. There are numerous such cultures which at times got differentiated and at times integrated to form a amalgam of cultures. It is  overwhelming to take a note of every geographically defined culture. Our present day activities are nothing but a highly refined(or are they?) version of our ancestors. Any culture has some prominent ethics which perpetuate in the followers of of that particular culture. In fact no individual or even a community, ever creates a culture consciously. It is an automated process, which neither has a zenith nor a nadir. Every culture vehemently stresses its greatness over other contemporary cultures. This gives rise to many a conflicts. In fact to a majority of conflicts. Culture is a collective emotion which embraces the lifestyle of the people. Some times people from one culture try and consciously imbibe it. Many times this permeation takes place unconsciously. Thus cultures evolve. The very universal law that "Change is the only constant" comes in to the larger picture. Hence the rigid and orthodox followers of any culture do more harm than good. The simple and easy activities degrade into mere traditions.
                     At this point of time, It is important to stress that no culture as such is 'Perfect'. Nothing in this world is meant to be perfect. Imperfection adds the subtle glimmer to the omnipresent beauty. Coming back on track culture is a phenomenon which can never be limited to the boundary of mere words. It is an everlasting experiences which permeates through thoughts and lives alike. It requires unflinching passion and a thirst to explore. We Indians are bearers of a culture which bears the power to redeem one and all from the edge of the precipice which stands over an abyss. Whatever the cynics and critics might proclaim. I believe that we do have hope. Even as in the Pandora's box all that was left was hope. It is mere hope that has provided the required boost in times of drudgery. The only root of misery is ignorance. The need of the time is being aware of the treasure that we possess. The key has been lost, but can be found. All I ask is for faith. A very big thing to ask of course in such times where all morality seems lost. But do ponder over. Culture is not a collection but every individual represents a Culture. It is an individual experience of collective action.

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