Monday, 20 May 2013

Rewind those days..

Jumping off a cliff into the sea of questions along the shore,

Full of riddles, puzzles and doubts and many things a more

The time when we used to be curious about the tiniest of things,
Asking and pestering our parents about why don't we grow little wings

When the shadow following us under the sun was a mystery book,
And the fragrance of flowers was as tempting as the way it used to look

The night time stars were mere shiny lamps glimmering all the way,
And not balls of gases in the universe with fixed orbit paths and bright as may

It was when respect was something which came right from our heart,
And not to be preached on slide shows or using an underlined branded chart
Relishing the melting ice cream cone, was a delight we awaited for,
Statuses, instagrams and snapshots never mattered than Ray and his drigger

Cartoons gave us a new world to live in, exploring our vast mind,
It was simply the sweetest smile which would make friendships bind

When gossip was a word yet un looked in the untouched dictionary,
The boy with the latest designer pencil was worshipped as a visionary

Eyes knew just one quality, which they now search as in innocence,
Never had to hid them behind glares or cooking up a stylish new pretence 

Hide and seek, was game for all, not a difference for a girl or a boy,
Finding your hidden mates from behind walls and nooks was sheer joy

Quarrels and arguments were not uncommon during play time,
But all was forgotten and forgiven in a jiffy and mere teasing wasn't a crime
You would be punched, hit or pushed but never slapped,
Ego, pride and esteem used to be locked away and always zapped

Breaking a toy just bought new was more common than breaking hearts,
We used to play games on boards and roads but not cunning scheming parts

Used to select from the colourful cadbury gems and not a choosy dress,
Climbing to reach for jars of goodies, tiny little fingers ending all in a mess

Tears would come easy, but never ashamed of them, for the silliest of reasons in life,
Not like now when words cut through miles and distances sharper and painful than a knife

At times it seems an option to sit in the time machine and go all the way back,
Revisit the memories, shed all pretence and be child and simply enjoy cheerily our favourite snack

Yet if I search within there is always the silly, stupid, mindless, streak,

Waiting just to be let off the hook, to shout, scream, laugh and sometimes squeak.

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  1. Amazing........!!!!!! jabardast...!!! best i have ever read.!!!!!