Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All mistakes can be forgiven

               Life is a myriad notebook of uneven pages. Some pages scribbled over while some typed to perfection. Some pages worth preserving for a lifetime, while some to be torn off in the earliest. This very notebook of our lives is dearly loved by one and all. The saying that "No one is perfect" applies to all even to the one who coined the saying. If everyone or even anyone was supposed to be perfect, there would have been no colour to lives.
We commit many a mistakes in our lifetime. Most of the times we do not even realise that we are committing a mistake. Who is it that decides that we have committed a mistake. Some supernatural body?
                No, not at all. Mistakes are relative. A fault for a person may be a oblation for the other. So there is no perfect definition for a mistake. On an average we do something wrong every day. Sometimes more than one thing a day. We do realise our folly at times, but there intervenes our conscious power. It always has ready explanations. It has irrevocable logic for all our deeds. No person blames himself for his folly ever. It is human nature to do so. And it can hardly be changed. The catch here is when the time comes for forgiving a  mistake. First of all it takes tremendous courage to ready oneself to ask for redemption. Its not a thing for the cowards. Asking forgiveness requires superhuman effort. When a person approaches you to seek forgiveness for his mistake, remember that it has taken huge efforts to bring him to you. And that amount of courage even you might not possess. Memory is a thing which brings back the hurt of past and replays it in our minds over and over again. It seldom allows us to forget. That's a shortcoming that every individual faces. At such times is our true test of courage.
         To simplify things one could classify the steps to forgive as follows

1.Think: Think a lot. Think once, twice, thrice if required more than that about the occasion. Think in your mind before you speak a word. Words hurt a lot, sometimes even harder than a bullet. Think, Think and think.

2.Breathe: This might sound ridiculous to some. But a fresh draught of oxygen helps to clear your mind.

3.Place: This is the most important and perhaps a tough step to follow. Place yourself in place of the person who seeks forgiveness. Think from the other side of the fence. It gives you a fresher perspective.

4:Say "It's okay!" : Saying it out loud is very much important. You can't even imagine how much  better you and the other person will feel once its said. It will help you much more than the other person so say it.

           In the end one thing which we keep forgetting is that it is not every time that a person will come to you to ask for forgiveness. At such times simply forgive without waiting. It is an uphill task to set our ego aside and say "Its okay!". But not an impossible one. Because for once when you really forgive a person you free your own mind from thoughts of negativity and sadism about the person. So remember__

Think, Breathe, Place and Say it.
Have a nice day

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