Thursday, 18 July 2013

Run a race

  The crowd erupts in cheers as the runner crosses the finish line. The racer none other than the flying Sikh Milkha Singh. As the movie finishes with a cliche India vs Pakistan showdown, some thoughts run the laps of my mind.
A race they say is either won or lost. Each one of us runs a race. The moment you take in the first whiff of Oxygen you are pushed of into a race. Everyone has their own hurdles on the way. There has been no one till date who hasn't stumbled at least once in this race of life. While we run this race there are laps when we walk hands in hands with our fellow brethren. Some laps where we simply sprint caring not a bit for the world. Some laps where we keep looking behind or even ahead at the front runner. But rarely do we find the one runner who runs his own race. Seldom are such people found in this race track.

   We see many stumbling around this track of life because of their mistakes. Not an ounce of shame there. But sadly more than these many there are the ones who try their utmost to hinder others. Such a sad mentality of such wretched souls. No fault of theirs it is though. UPBRINGING the only flaw. Circumstances make people they say but is it so all the time? Can't we ever overcome these flaws? Even in a normal race its the weather, soil and other factors that aid or deter the winner, similarly there are many things that hinder or help you in your race. In the real races there is the audience to cheer you up, to keep your spirits high all the time. But in this race of ours there is no cheering audience. In fact no one cares whether you win or lose. Its simply you who decide your track speed. Rather not be a Usain Bolt, but aim for the Kenyan marathon runners. They run in consistency. Small fast dashes might garner you short lived fame but not the finale podium. You will find many a dedicated runners running at a breathtaking speed. You will be overtaken by many a sprinters. But here is the test of ones character. The race is nothing but a journey. Not to be overawed by the exuberance of others nor to dominate others.
    At times one seems to say that simply running throwing the wind to unawares is the only solution. Personally I do not think so. This race is a bit different from the monotonous ones where the winner is the one who finishes first. Here you race but with your own demons and flaws. It is you who reward yourself no one else. At times you need to slow down, to fall back and simply be still. Think, ponder and fill in the beauty of the track around you. To breathe and to understand where you finish line is. This race though seems lonely, is a place to meet new racers and walk hand in hand to cross the finishing rope. So enjoy it while it lasts.

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