Monday, 15 July 2013

The thought chain

           Emotions well up sometimes finding no outlet in your heart. At times there are so many things which we feel like expressing but can hardly do so. Thoughts are so damn powerful. In fact according to me thoughts are the most underrated things out there in this world. The importance they carry is undeniable. But sadly as many a times we do not realise the importance of our thoughts. This is the real cause of all our troubles. How aware we ought to be when we think is never said about. All we hear is getting preached about morally right behaviour and ethics. The only thing the gen z hates is getting preached around by posers.
        But the only thing that we need to know is that our thoughts do matter a lot. sometimes I wonder what are thoughts. In fact a thought is the biggest mystery to mankind. When we think what is it that we actually do? As human beings we posses the mysterious ability to think. And we ought to learn how to use it to its fullest. Many may act as cynics to this article but it is plain fact what I am about to state:
       Thoughts that enter our mind are 99% a result of some outward event caught by our eyes, ears and so on. Sometimes if we try to trace the track of our thoughts it is damn hilarious. For example I once tried tracking my thoughts and the chain was as follows
  Lays→ Air → Flying → Superman → Man of steel → Steel → Jamshedpur → Near Kolkata → Ganguly → Champions trophy → Jersey → Cow → Milk → Milky way → Mars → Greece → Mythology → Hercules → Perseus → Rick Riordan → books → harry potter → Hermione → Emma Watson → Britain → UK → freedom → Gandhiji → spectacles → tarak mehta ka ulta chasma → overacting → Rakhi Sawant → Big boss → vindoo → match fixing → Sreesanth → short ball → ishant sharma → wide ball → Dhoni → Musharraf → Pakistan → ** → sachin →  retire → dravid → wall → ambuja cement → Boman Irani → munnabhai mbbs → sanjay dutt → Jail → kasab → 26/11 → **
  So see how literally ridiculous chain of thought it was. All things flow from higher level to a lower level. That's nature. So it made me ponder. A simple thought of the Lays chips drifted me away to **. I simply concluded that

1. Thoughts are highly volatile
2. U never know where a thought is going to take you.
3.Beware of what you think.

Such thought chains might have occurred to many a people. The crux of the matter is that we neglect what we think. We do not pay attention and get diverted. Here's we ought to stop and think over. Thoughts send out vibrations out in the world and attract similar things in our life. 
                                                       To be continued...

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