Saturday, 2 November 2013


Runnning at full speed with no bounds ,
Cutting through air, just rushing sounds.

When you can see things happening all around,
Everything is the same, the sun, the earth's still round

The ways beckon you, but you pay no heed, In this very crowd, a simple word is all you need.

Lost and muddled in a jumble of shouts,
Answers, tough to find all left with doubts.

The confusion grows thicker by time and space,
The road becomes rougher and you lose the race.

Yet we stumble, gather the broken pieces at once,
The puzzle would never be complete may there set a million suns.

Why would you be lost if there was never a sway,
There wasn't a maze, just the horizon and a peeking ray.

No fear of getting over the edge, or the crevice,
Walk on, head held high, you ain't a cowardly speck of mice.

Times arise when the one you thought as simply gazers,
Are the ones who hold your hand to guide across many a razors.

Everyone in this wide world is lost in his or her spot,
Sway about, play a bout, dance in the wind for you can never hit the dot.

Why wish ill, when you can wish good for all,
Shouldn't you be happy for a smile? Be it big, be it small.

Myriad are the ways and turns of the path,
You might already be lost even while you take a bath.

It isn't a bad thing to be lost awhile,
For the thing to guide you back would just be HER SMILE....

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