Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Women..? respect em

      '136 girls abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram'. As one reads the detailed report that follows this headline one just can't help thinking. Thinking would be a real understatement of the year. Living in a century which the world calls as the most progressive one. The one where you are free to express and to think. When we the modern people talk of equality. Of having an equal leash on both the genders. To have a society where we live in unique harmony. To dream of the day when all stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of their traits. Many a traits lead to discrimination. But the worst among them is- sex. Face it people gender. Women and men. Full of male chauvinists and feminists have bragged their way about superiority without any practical implementation. When in a fury one gets worked up and decides in the flow of things to get over the gender bias. But do we really do that. As a boy when one looks around, the severe injustice is palpable. And i am not being prejudiced my dear friends. There lies not a hint of prejudice. Orthodoxies are blamed for narrow minded thoughts and ideologies. But is it really so? The Boko Haram means 'forbidding the western education' in a lose sense. Every person has a justifiable logic for his actions. Or mind is myriad. A place of unaccountable mysteries. A place which can give you a sane reason, which can convince you that what you are doing is not wrong then however devilish that act may be.

   The mere act of eve teasing sends a rage, and yet is prevalent. Don't people ever think. Is every guy so led away by 'hormones'. Be factual. people call for equal contribution of both the genders in a mistake. It may be so. When thinks happen in the outer world, beyond the boundaries of your little paradise, all we do is react for a while, a couple of tweets. A candle perhaps and that's that. This is where it ends. Why don't people think? Ever thought it could happen to somebody around you? why cant it happen. It can. the law of equal probability states that it can. That familiar smiling face standing in front of you. Such wickedness lies lurking in streets. We call us a sovereign nation. And yes we are. I am truly proud of it. But what about the sovereignty of thoughts, the freedom of life. The freedom to live in a world where there is no doubt. Listening to Lennon makes you a dreamer? Think practically. Millions of cyberspace and ink has gone down the lane over this topic. Yet there are people living right amidst us who do heinous crimes. People say talking is not enough. I say no. It is the most important thing. How do you think a factory of militants produces brainwashed youths taking up arms for misled purpose. All it takes is thoughts. Speak up spread it. Women, our own. Why can we not think of the world as ours. Its ours every single creature that breathes is a part YOU. 
   There wont be a day when you don't hear of a crime. Haven't we all as kids mugged up the pledge. The pledge which begins itself calling the countrymen our brethren. Cant we just for a change get out of the core of our little family and think bigger. All seems impractical to some. Women out here with us. They are important. Think of the one who brought you into this world. All it takes is a thought. A misguided one. That's all it takes to spoil a life, To end a life. Again all it takes a single thought to bless a life. There is always a better way. Always a path not taken. There is no fame in posting pictures in hordes of girls if within you don't respect them as an individual. There is nothing cool in having a string of affairs with good looking lasses if you cant respect their beauty. And when I say beauty. It isn't the beauty which we chirp about today. It is the real one that isn't something which you throw out when you flirt. Its nobody's fault actually. Its just we are misguided. Gravely misguided. Women play so many important roles in your life. Respect them for respect is never one sided. There is much more beautiful side in a friendship with a girl. which is without any heinous thought. Live it, experience that very beauty. For its a gift to have a girl trust you. Trust her in return. Admire her not with a fleeting upward glance, but with a ounce of respect in your heart. And you will see the change. Aren't your sisters going to live in this very world. This very world which shoots a Malala, this very world which harasses a job goer. The very day when we understand that it is us who are responsible, it will change for sure. It begins with us. For sure i say life is beautiful and so is this wonderful gift He gave us, - Women.. Respect them. For there shall always be a true gentlemen for a tens of miscreants.. Ladies have faith for there is good..

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