Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A thing to do when lost.

   The best thing to do when one feels lost and left out is perhaps to pause. To take a deep breath let it out and give out a smile. Give it out the best one you ever could have in packed away. Put it on display as you do to your trophies. Science and research says something about endorphins or other such hormones which are secreted when one smiles. Not much about that here but yes why do you need a reason to smile? The most natural thing to do.
  People walking down a lane usually when alone get conscious of their selves. At least I do at times. What do I do with my hands and stuff. But that's when I do smile. Passer bys have given me looks, the 'seems-s-a-maniac' look, potential-weirdo look. But if it feels good and makes me merrier, shouldn't I be doing it. More and more often. Personal observation led me to believe that smiling changes many a things like.
1. Gives those facial muscles a stretch.
2. Some fuzzy good warmth beneath and within.
3. Relaxes my shoulders.
4. Makes me aware how tensed I was with my body.
5. Dissolves many a depressing thought.
6. Looks good.
7. All the duckfaces seem less annoying.
8. Even random pictures get likes from me on fb.
9. Honestly feels better.
10. Genuine happiness, if there is.
11. More productivity and creativity in whatever I am about to do.
12. Its highly contagious.

   That's just a few of the many small yet essential changes that occur in me. And all that is responsible for those is a very simple and a easy thing called smile. People have written hundreds of books on their technique to be happy in life. But why not for a change think about why should we be happy. Many a things are relative. A particular situation might be responsible for a different and in fact contrasting responses from us. A day when we have had our share of smiles the irritating 'Candy crush' request might not seem so frustrating while on a day of frowns we might start planning ways to murder the 'request sender'. This is the difference. A smile more often than not goes a long way in deciding our reactions to the situations we are in. And as we all might agree that our reactions do matter, because they are prompt and sometimes we later regret them.
   Relations with individuals make or break depending on that very underrated thing called 'smile'... :). :D

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