Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Just (THeir Story- Part 1)

    Was it love? The damned thing people loved to term as love. No that wasn't possible. He was the one who had convinced Her that it was not meant to be. He was the one who had acted rude, just so as to push Her away. She hadn't though. She was still there, as beautiful as ever. He went into a flashback.
  Those were early college days. In fact the first one which had brought Her to His notice. No you couldn't deny it. She was beautiful. More than the normal ones at least. And not in the cheap 'double-look' way. He was attracted for sure. But she wasn't the only one then. If you are a guy, you would know it. You could at a particular given time have 'n' number of 'crushes' the flying ones indeed (include naomi watts, watson girl and so on.. ). And she was among them. Some called Him lonesome and even perhaps arrogant tending to rude. But you never know, He was a good guy indeed. He wasn't going to pursue Her or anybody in fact. Then the unimaginable happened. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Him and Her started communicating. A lot in fact. Numbers were exchanged and that occasional call once in a while. Yet he was pretty much convinced that it was mere attraction. Almost a year passed and she confessed. And thats what was surprising and shocking. He at times even thought She was kidding for sure.
   Love cannot define it. But love was what she had said. He had dismissed it, perhaps He was scared. He had those assumptions which didn't quite match the scenario. He said NO. Yet she was adamant, she would wait. They were now not much in contact, all thanks to Him. He used all sorts of genius ideas right from faking some other girl to downright rude blocking. But in all this he knew he was doing something wrong. 
  A couple of years passed in a jiffy and somehow they were on talking terms again. But things were different now. That girl on the first day of college was now much more than what you could call beautiful. If it could get more it had. Ohh! It skipped His beat. He knew how selfish He was being. She now said that still there was the thing called 'love' and would always be. He panicked again. He talked her out again. He was quite a good talker you know. This time they were friends still. A happy period now, though it felt incomplete. He and she were poles apart, miles apart, ideologies apart, thoughts apart in there lives. Confused was  all He could dare to be now. He just didn't know what it is. But every glance made it tougher.

   Anyways they might meet for a talk soon. He doesn't know why is He waiting for that. Isn't it mere attraction? Does She. And Ohh this I say as the narrator, Its unfair. Nothing is meant to be fair after all.. 
                       ..To be continued......   

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