Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Self help - the true cliche

            The often repeated adage - 'Self help is the best help' , has been passed on since quite a few generations. We have heard of the story of the sparrow and the farmer which underlines again the real value of self help. Though for a point of debate people put up theories of nobody being quite independent in the society and being interwoven with the with the social structure, it is a different point altogether. Sadly the fact which we face today is the desperacy we find ourselves faced with. Every individual wants confirmation and applause. This isn't totally unwarranted for, but the increasing need for outer praise is on the rise. No one would mind a cup of buttered flattery. Often at times a good book or a good talk peps us up. What we call as 'motivation'. It is a super feeling when we actually feel confident after an external pep talk. But this is what harms a lot in the long run. As if on a drug. It wont be extreme to call it at par with substance abuse. We get hooked up to it. And then the going gets tougher to get off it. Its quite tough to leave those crutches.
           But the real happiness is when you yourself feel activated. The feel that comes from inside. Even this is tough to keep up all long. Tough I say but not impossible. If only life was an exponential graph but its closer to the sine curve. And you cannot help it. What goes up has to come down sometime or the other. This also doesn't mean that we stop trying. Small things go a long way in keep the head up. When all seems down and you feel out. Just a few firm facts we forget easily.

  1. It's surely not the end of life.
  2. To heck with what others think about you.
  3. Patience is the toughest thing to learn but the best once learnt.
  4. Make quick count of what you actually have at the moment, its a lot believe me.
  5. You aren't supposed to copy, but to create.
  6. 7 billion people out there competing, yet you are breathing on your own, a big thing.
  7. Smallest of a good thought goes a long way, though insignificant.
  8. You owe it to those who brought you in here.
  9. Whining only worsens things.
  10. Quit complaining, no use.
  11. If you have resources to even read this you are much more fortunate than you think yourself to be.
  12. Just how precious life is, we would never know till we lose it.
  13. Re birth maybe, maybe not, but Being alive now is FACT, live it.
  14. Smile, changes equations the fastest.

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