Friday, 2 January 2015

A take on Romeo and Juliet

           Been long since words found a way again. But a spark is all it takes to give it a vent. Romeo and Juliet the eternal story of romance. William Shakespeare, perhaps one of the greatest playwrights ever, would have hardly imagined this tragedy of his to live beyond generations. Such is the following that this magnum opus has inspired hundreds of other works. The time has long gone by when one would call any "inspired" love story to be copied from this epic tale. The tale of two star crossed lovers. The quintessential lover of the Montagues ('rajadis' for the ramleela sync) Romeo and the pretty young lady of the Capulets ('saneras' for the same) Juliet have created the chemistry which has enticed literature buffs alike. And where there is love there has to be a creep of hate. Somewhere it springs and ends with the death of the two lovers. A death which perhaps could have been avoided or maybe not. The debate over this minuscule detail has lingered on in fiction. Had this been a drama for the masses, it would have ended otherwise. With the lovers settling down in a villa in Italy with a horde of kids to follow on later. But then what would be the charm of this enticing story. The charm, I say. This sounds morbid to some. To find charm in the death of two lovers never meant to be for each other.  Which might even be true to an extent. But then the bigger picture says otherwise. For in the words of Mr.Dumbledore, it would be for the greater good. 

     Aren't stories meant to be flawed? As flawed as man is. This perhaps was and will always be the beauty of this tragedy. The modern day adaptations have stuck true the basic recipe of romeo and juliet, and added perhaps a few touches to this masterpiece. Some say its over rated, but is it?. The real pain that words would convey has a strange calm beneath them. The happy go lucky
images which some try to paint are nothing but twisted versions of reality.
And this what is perhaps its beauty. The sacrifice, the price Romeo and Juliet paid to unite the montagues and the capulets. Yes this is sometimes forgotten. The power to unite which lies in love. Love is perhaps a big word, but still it could be as simple as it seems. Commenting on the master's masterpiece is a task in itself. But underlying theme open for interpretation still opens up vistas for debate and discussion. Discussion to be more true to it. Yes this too has issues of credibility, with claims of Arthur Brooke having written the story before Shakespeare did. These discussions over credibility might even remain longer than the story. Keeping this feuds aside with the writers dead and buried centuries ago. The ageless drama has the pull and the charm which grips you every time you read or see it adapted in a movies. The story we all know (those who don't do read). The algorithm of the death of the lovers is fixed yet we all watch the same. The classics as they call it. Its a journey to read the setting of Verona and the crisp storyline. The subtle details could be argued upon. But the fact remains. Death to the lovers was not to be mourned. It was to be learnt from. To know that there are emotions which transcend human narrow mindedness and ultimately win. 
     Its quite a tedious read but worth the trouble. The nuances of unbidden feelings strike a cord somewhere. Perhaps such stories or movies do not garner the masses, for they are not meant to be. They are to be lived in seclusion. Live it love it..

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