Saturday, 13 June 2015

Musings.. :)

   Isn't it a bit cruel? The truth at times seems to hit hard home. Some things are better kept untouched. But then is ignore pure bliss? The unconscious contentment that lies buried in not knowing the entire situation is quite evident. Life goes on, they say. It doesn't wait for you. To ponder and try to analyse, is perhaps a waste. If only things could be as you willed them to be. Yes, agreed that they do ultimately are as you will them to be. But then not every moment is pleasing for the heart. Somewhere your instincts tell you to stay away from going down a particular path. They try to save you, shield you from potential heartache. Sadly it's only through self-realisation that one learns. It's tough when you pour all your thoughts and emotions for a cause which shall never be. One could crib and be morose about it all the time and in the process. The world seems a bit on the dopey side, yet life goes on. These are the low times perhaps. There comes a time when one expects more from life, when the going is good. It is rare to be grateful about what we have in hand. The time when all seems wonderful and glossy. Too much of negativity at times. Life’s such. To be happy and positive during such times is the bigger task.
People affect us in ways myriad to us. Their thoughts, smallest of acts make a difference. You make them an important part of your life. No one’s at fault here, but you can never help it - human nature. It is then when the truth hits harder. It's easy to boast of being mentally strong and mature. But within the hardest of exteriors lies a gentle, soft heart smothered by the tests of time. It crumbles and waits to be put together again. Melodramatic? perhaps.

        And then it dawns upon you. It's not worth it. There is so much more to life. life which you might live just once. Every second you mourn, every second you weep rushes past you. To never have the moment again to live is a terrifying realisation you have to deal with. The earlier you realise that there is always somebody who cares, who trusts and wishes the best for you out there. It simply isn’t worth if you keep frowning. A smile is all it takes. A deep breath to clear your mind and a smile to follow would be the perfect recipe en-route to redemption. Be happy for you are much more fortunate than you would ever dream of. Life is all about moving on. To accept and discover the best in you. To live, love and lose yourself in this world. The canvas is empty, waiting forever for you to dare to ditch the brushes and paint with your thoughts of pure happiness. Buck up move for all it takes is a smile..

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