Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Bus Stop..

    The chaos was distracting. The constant chatter of the people around him. The fleeting conversation snippets fell on his weary years. The day had been a tiring one. All said and done, he was here waiting by the bus stop as everyday. The route number plate read 1331. His tie all wrinkled up and hair disheveled. Waiting and waiting for nobody. The routine was  almost monotonous now. But this day had been more draining than ever. Hardly a bus had stopped by. All had rushed by. Almost as if speeding up by the bus stop instead of slowing down. She came silently and sat on the extreme end of the seat of the bus stop and opened up a book - 'The Shining'. "Ohh Stephen King!, strange choice for this time of the night", he thought. Her red scarf was striking enough to distract him even more. He would have went over and started a discussion on any other normal day, but not today. Today had been particularly crushing and yet was far from over.

    No buses had stopped by yet, all rushing by with no thought of stopping by. He was fine by it. At least he had company. Sometimes having a silent stranger for company was perhaps better than a chirpy acquaintance. The stranger girl in the red scarf was still engrossed in her book, blissfully unaware of how disconcerting her sight was for him. The book had gripped him when he had read it. He had to go over and introduce. But then it was weird, and he didn't want to seem creepy discussing a horror fiction book. It was pretty late by now. Finally a bus showed signs of slowing down from the distance and she stood up, so did he. He could not miss this one for sure. The bus stopped on the bus stop and she adjusted her scarf and got ready to get in. He adjusted his tie. The moon light glinted and shimmered on his sleeve as he got in behind her. The bus revved up and made its way.
   The conductor was exasperated as he went up to the rookie driver. It was the driver's first ride on this route... "Why the hell did you stop the bus by that stop? Are you out of your mind.?.. The surprised driver said, "What,.. Why..? What's wrong with it? It was late anyways and the lady in the red scarf was waving for the bus.." The conductor backed away..."Which lady.. What have you done.. Oh Lord... We are dead men now.. Nobody.. simply nobody stops at this bus stop.... Its haunted... It was here a maniac had murdered a girl and then cut himself too.... You have committed a grave mistake... Ever wondered why we newbies  got transferred here or why the previous driver conductor duo stopped coming or rather breathing........ ".. The night was the only witness as the guy in tie brought out his knife... 
       The next days newspaper read a strange news... "Bus driver and conductor found brutally stabbed to death on route 1331.. Police  have no clue yet to the murderer....A red scarf and a Stephen King book found at the crime scene....

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