Sunday, 19 June 2016


          "Did you hear this ____ about this ___?". Fill in these blanks with any random person and any random activity. Add a pinch of salt and here is how a rumour is born. There's a source and the receiver. All of us have been at the either end of this heinous flow. Just another word passed on. At times unknowingly. We are blissfully unaware of the repercussions those words will have. There are the proponents of the ideal pathway of not caring about them. And yes for sure it is the right way out of this jumble of stories flying around you. To tune out the noise and the unwanted appendages to this already bulky bag of thoughts. But you pause and you ponder and give a thought about how you yourself can be a part of a process which may affect a person and perhaps even hurt him or her in the long run. Words posses power and you wield them to your purposes. To realise the fact that any word, any adjective however innocently may you add to a person may end up being interpreted in a wrong way. More often than not the intentions are never to scar a person or devastate the person in question. It is just what gets let out while we are deep in conversation. However innocent may the intentions be, they meet there mark. Just as an arrow from a bow follows its set trajectory to hit the mark no matter the what the intention the archer has. The damage is done.
   The moment you realise that you posses a power to make a change with the words you utter, is the very moment you realise how harsh can rumours be to the receiver. At times its just a remark without knowing the entire situation at hand. But the remark lingers and festers into a wound which some never recove from. The impact of the words we utter reach far and wide. They penetrate beyond the limitations of the mundane physical boundaries. They persist and affect every passing thing they touch. The intentions then no longer count. Its simply never underlined enough that think and give it a thought before you speak out something about someone. Our words more often than not about the person are a manifestation our own rooted prejudice and a quick reaction to the momentary calculations our brain makes. These volatile thoughts turn up sprinkled in our words and we create and spread around a rumour unknowingly. This then spreads around like wildfire and entrenches itself in the very circles we live in. The harmless intention withers away and a long lasting aftermath is left in place. 
  The other half of the story which remains hidden to you is what matters. The life which the person leads is never our businesses. We haven't been over the other side and reached out. To know how it is to be the person and live in the circumstances the person is in. It's truly said that, it is the circumstances that end up making and shaping a major part of how a person is. So it's a gigantic assumption we make and go about adding life to a rumour. The job's done and you forget about it. But for the person it could end up being a stigma or a label being attached to him or her for years to come. It's easy said than done. To ponder and then speak up. But it goes on to make a huge difference for some person. So the next time we use the above cliché  let's just for a second take a pause and think whether we are aware of what we are about to utter. Trust this, that it is all but a small step towards creating a huge difference .. towards making this circle of lives around us a happier place with our presence . Have an amazing day.. 

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