Thursday, 30 June 2016

Short take


   As the leaf gently parts its way from the branch that once held it close. The subtle crack heard only by the most patient of listeners as the leaf sways over the breeze, the breeze carrying it away, cushioning its fall towards the ground. The branch above staring in helpless agony as the leaf dwindles below from its sight. With the minutest of thuds the leaf settles down on the mud below. The wind threatening to take it further away. The sun above shines on the green of the leaf soon to fade away. The little birds hopping around chirruping their daily song fade away. Swooping downwards, the silent mourn of the branch. To let go of the leaf it once held close and dear. Forever slumped in its memory.. Gradually the leaf's no more than a smudge in the mud. Nothingness now. The branch seeing it fade away into the soil below. Clouds blow past. Seasons turn and then one day the branch feels it. The little nudge from within. A soft touch prodding. The tiniest of nodes peeking out. The beginnings of a new leaf. It's a circle that is followed.. 

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