Monday, 10 October 2016

Her and Him..

What is it that sets her apart from the rest,
From the ordinary crowd of the better ones, yet the best..

The strength to feel alive even when lost,
An effort on course always for a smile at every cost..

Deeper than the beauty of the outer haze,
Something more lasting and pristine holds the gaze..

No matter how tough gets the going here,
Forever a source to trudge on ahead sans the fear..

In the recesses of quiet solitude lies this company,
Beyond the beauty of words, the talks, serious and funny..

Unknown to the world outside exist some equations,
With no solutions at hand, all it takes is buckets of patience..

Having never to explain yet knowing what to wish,
Sprinkled with trust and spiced with silliness lies the dish..

To open the closed doors of the world inside for some,
Without the fear of judgments, heed the silence yet to come..

You never know when it becomes a part of the daily rut,
Making it tough if it ever comes to the point to make the cut..

Yet in the present you learn and grow together,
Solid as a rock and yet the beauty of the gentle feather..

Trying times lay at every nook in wait for the test,
But you know if it is worth being in the sway for its the best..

Times shall pass, days shall roll in their own pace,
Not a thought in sight of distant the finish line in the race..

Her and Him living lives, night and day,
Growing apart or coming closer knows here nay..

And yet in the certainty of uncertain life,
They'll stick along for now be it joy or be it strife..

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