Monday, 24 October 2016

The Lesson taught.. A story.

    The class was boring.. The teacher had been ranting about the way the code would work. The repetition was inexplicable.. Sameer could never wrap his head around the working of loops. The minute hand seemed to have stopped... The second hand continuing its loop around the center continuously. He couldn't wait to get back to his bicycle for a ride. The bell rang, indicating the time for school to be dispersed. He scooped up his bag made way for his bicycle. The rickety old cycle which had been his trusty companion on all his adventures. Today he had decided to explore something on the outskirts of the town. The loops and iterations still bothered him as he had hardly understood the concept. But now he was free to ride on his own away from all the monotony of repetition. 
    It was almost evening by now. The dilapidated mansion stood, shrouded in an aura of somberness on the outskirts of the hustling city. Every evening Sameer would cycle past yet hadn't ever dared to explore this part of the outskirts. There was an ever existing sense of mystery around the rundown building. Today was a different day though. He paused for a while convincing himself, killing his urge to explore this spooky place. Just as he was to kick at the ground and go on his way, he heard the sound. He set his cycle by a nearby peculiar tree.. The sound was ominous in the given setting. The sun had started its downward journey and would soon plunge the world around into the inky darkness that lay waiting. For a moment he hesitated as he saw a figure atop the balcony of the mansion on the first floor. As if the figure was frantically waving at him. He looked again only to find it empty. Sameer's curiosity got the better of his apprehensions. The sound intensified beckoning him unknowingly to the doorstep. He had a handy flashlight at his disposal in his smartphone. That was the only solace he could have in the darkness that lay in store. The door was surprisingly well oiled as against the creaky one, he had pictured.
     Sameer gingerly pushed at the door and stepped inside. The setting was dark and his pupils expanded to adjust. He dared not flick on the flashlight, unless he was sure of no malicious company being around. The mansion was old on the outside yet well organized on the inside. There was no sign of the cliched expected layer of  dirt. The sound seemed to come from upstairs. He stepped towards he flight of stairs which led to the first floor. A sense of foreboding overtook him and he hesitated before making his way upwards. The sound was sharper now, it sounded as a muffled voice repeating a phrase. HE gingerly stepped upwards to find a door ajar.
    He opened the door to the balcony. Perhaps the same one he had seen from his bicycle. The sound had stopped suddenly. This was something strange. He edged towards the balcony railings. The view was enchanting. The encircling road. The distant lights of the town. The withered tree.. But something seemed amiss. His cycle was missing by the tree, how could it be?.. Just as he was about to turn back. In the distance he saw a figure approaching the house on a cycle similar to his.. The figure halted by the fencing.. As if deciding whether to come over or move on. And then as Sameer looked carefully it came rushing to him. He was looking at himself.. Just as he was a while ago.. And the realization came hard, hitting him.. As the figured acted the same way he had some time ago... It was him.. Sameer shouted ... "Go AwAy!!".. But it came out in a muffle.. His voice was a mere muffle.. The figure downstairs glanced up and for a split second Sameer thought he had him.. But alas.. The figure moved on ahead towards the doorstep.. Sameer kept on with his muffled calls.. trying at the door.. With the scary realization.. He was trapped.. It was a loop.. He now knew what could a loop be.. He was stuck in one..

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