Friday, 6 January 2017

Newton's third law

  It really seems to be a post pondering over the strenuous school and junior college days. The laws newton set out in stone, to be used to solve problems from physics have haunted many at some point. As a simple reminder here's what wikipedia has to say

  "When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body."

  And as blindly as we applied this law in our tests and exams, we overlook its larger scope. Even before I try to align my thoughts, just a word on the term 'opposite'. Here it means a reaction reaching out to you as a result of your outgoing action. If we for a moment pause we realise that it is just this law that is enough to solve all your problems in life. To many a skeptic it would seem a path down a mystical road but the thought remains. 

  How easily could we lead our lives if we paid attention to this third law. Every single action of yours has a consequence. We now associate consequence as a scary term from a dystopian book or a movie. On the contrary it is all but a reflection of your input and can be as scary or as charming as you choose it to be. When marred by failures, it is the easiest way to blame our 'fate' or in popular terms 'luck'. To a few it might seem to be a lofty statement by one who perceptibly hasn't had his share of downs. So to them, just a reminder of how greener the grass seems to be beyond the fence. Every one of us has his or her own set of problems to tackle. It is time when we realise that eventually no problem seems more justified to us than our very own. 

  So why not try an approach which says, behave the way you want the people around you to behave with you. There is always a refute to this statement with examples of the 'good old trodden upon friendzone-specialists'. The ones who have been good according to the world and yet been treated unfairly. Believe it or not, introspection would lead them to the conclusion, that yes there is truly something amiss. Everything you have in your life in this moment is a consequence of your action. It is a reaction equally fair and oppositely directed towards you. All your curses or ill-wills come back calling upon you when you expect them the least. It is surely not an utopian world of perfect order. But has it ever stopped us from planning our weekends. We live on without all thoughts to the wind. Here comes the obvious statement - 'It is always easier said than done'. 

 Let us then choose to invoke the great scientist and especially his third law and give it a try. To act exactly the way we would want to be treated as.. Here's to a happy new year and a step towards realising our potentials..!