Sunday, 15 October 2017

Pune - the city.. the sojourn

     It began with a suggestion from a different continent.. Finally bucking up for another solo day of exploring... Playing it safe with a uber pool and roommate's Rubik cube for company... Out of practice meant, it took almost the entire of 30 mins to finally solve the cube.. The driver was unusually quiet given my previous uber rides, where a life lesson was a sure takeaway. 
Pataleshwar Cave

Getting off exactly outside the Pataleshwar caves, the first thought you have is..'Is this the place for a cave?' Right amidst the bustling area of Shivajinagar lie these 8th century caves and the temple therein... Car horns abound and people bustling on their way. A mini version perhaps of our very times, with the latest of inventions of the 21st century coupled with a mindset that dates way back to the stone age ( do not want to sound morose at the beginning. But wait, for there's a change ). You shrug of this thought and step in first through the wrong gate.. to be shooed off by an aunty perhaps as old as the caves. You find the right gate which opens to a quiet garden.. and there stands a tree. You don't even have to guess which tree could it be.. for how can a historic site be without a grand old banyan tree. You move ahead to steps that lead you to a clearing carved of stone ( duh caves ). And here is where you let go of all humour and find peace.. You feel the vibes.. Something really ancient surrounds you. A 'nandi' bull welcomes you with a serene expression pointing you to the sanctum cave.. The chill of the air and the cave smell transports you to world, way different from the bustling city right outside.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The superhero in you!

    Growing up, each one of us always have had a character to adore. To simple look up to. Some from the real world, but some having a far greater space in our lives. The super heroes. The days when we actually believed

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Simplicity sans rhyme

Forever in the pursuit of perfection,
A blind eye to the present tense
State of frustration when things go haywire
Control lost and visions blurred...

Energy coiled, compressed and ready to spring
Ideas vivid and plans aplenty 
Waiting in store for a scary monotony
Towards the end of days of being carefree...

Podium finishes mar the competition
A race to win for everyone
Routine of earning a wage awaits
Approaching it with being tensely aware...

Dreams no longer of knights and dragons
Adulthood no longer just a number crossed
Seriousness seeping through the crags
Nooks dusty and farewells rehearsed...

To a life of abandon reaching its end
Done with thoughts of morose mockery
Why do we mould ourselves to fit in
Being just another brick in the wall...

Growing up with a shoulder readied
To carry a responsibility we never asked for
Fitting into a construct defined by invisible hands
Approvals and denials stacked in abundance...

Individuals with flaws stand where once stood idols 
Perfection hence a pursuit for fools
To follow a path you are required to, by many
And it now calls for courage to be unleashed...

A deep breath clears away the mists
Clouded mountains in sight once again
To now take a stand and value the one thing
Discipline and consistency in the actions I take...

Find the things which make your heart beat faster
The one thought that brings in the rush to your veins
To pursue it would mean the happiest of journeys
With its tough tasks and yet the one missing word...


Friday, 10 March 2017


        " I think I like flaws.. I think they make things interesting..."
-Sarah Dessen


    7.1 billion of us and yet all made uniquely apart. With our own life to lead and of course with our own set of flaws. The beauty that resides in imperfection is what perhaps makes us flawed. For there is none who can be the ultimate body of creation. Some deem their flaws to be lesser than those of other. Some wallow in the fear of exposing their flaws to the big wide world out there. The most confident of us all, yet deep within knows that he or she is not without a blemish. At times we love to come up with excuses to justify our shortcomings. To the extent of ignoring the drawbacks which we have. To not acknowledge them is perhaps where we fall behind. It is liberating to know the things which make you dissimilar from the crowd. Anger, fear, anxiety, and a string of other such emotions up our sleeves to hiss at the slightest indication. To the other extreme of the spectrum we find the ones who forever be harsh upon their own selves for not being able to live up to the expectations set upon them by the society. Some not giving a thought about what the world thinks. There's the great mix of personas.
     What a wonder it is when we ourselves at times end up being the ones least aware of our own pitfalls. The world points it out to us in its own subtle ways. And there are some who take it to their hearts and never rise from the complex that surrounds them henceforth. Yet it is a path of forever discovery to find the things that make us flawed and accept them as they are. For they are what separate each one of us from the milling crowd. This is where a hint of caution needs to be dished out. For let not our flaws be a reason to hurt the ones around us. Let them be the spots of colour on this canvas of monotony. Accept them and with the head held high move on ahead. Working upon the ones which harm us and the ones we love and yet not aiming for perfection but in the search for bliss in this very moment.
    When you try to accept that every individual in his or her own right is never meant to be perfect, it is perhaps then you can truly love. To give unconditionally, despite setbacks. To live through the moments when these flaws threaten to take over and crush you to the ground. For yes, there are times when you feel giving up wouldn't be that bad an idea. Try to be grateful for this experience of feeling alive and kicking, despite the blemishes that mar this road. For it will always be the journey that will matter in this moment than the destination we all head for. To not be condescending or even be compromising is the balance we all yearn for. A moment taken to live for your own selves, making peace with the individual you have grown to be in this moment. For after all it was all the downs which dotted the ups and made you the person you are. More often than not we aren't what we wanted to be in this moment, and the grass will always be greener on the other side. Accepting this truth is tough a task for all of us, and yet we all persevere in vain if we don't. Choose this moment to embrace your flaws and the flaws of the ones around you.. For there's beauty to be found even being flawed!!...

Friday, 3 March 2017

Disconnect awhile - 5 alternatives

 The need to be away from the constant onslaught of media in a wide variety of forms sometimes makes you ponder. To think about the depth to which we all have been taken over by technology.

1. Pause the yearning for acceptance... 
Many a social networking sites have created an entirely different world aloof from the real world. The one where all of us have a presence and a virtual persona. The earlier you are hooked on to a social media platform the more you feel the need to be accepted. The reactions, likes, +1s all of them adding to our own little box of happiness. To feel acknowledged. The solution lies in realising that our real personalities matter much more than our online presence and the fame we gather there.

2. Choose your feed wisely..

It is all but inevitable to have a presence online on some form of media in the least. To choose who you follow and the pages you like goes a long way in harming or helping you. The feed which we scroll through leaves subtle impressions on our mind and somehow affect our mood too. To have a not just a happy feed but one which enriches you by imparting knowledge could be a good alternative. After all we are what we let into our lives.

3. Loosing out on the present moment.. hold on..

The scroll goes on forever. There's always one or the other video, or a meme to 'rofl' at, there's always a newer snap story to follow.. The stories simply don't end. In the process we let go of this very moment. This moment which once lost is lost forever. The time you have in your hand is never coming back, hence making it all the more important to spend it wisely. And sure wouldn't we know how east is it to lose track of time.

4. Switch it off.. 

The fear of losing on catching up more often than not pushes many to be hooked onto the network. 'What if I miss out?' is always the question. For these are times when you need to follow popular trends. Engrossed into our smart phones trying their best to keep us there. The first thing we end up doing when we wake up every morning is check into this maze of virtual connections. Choose to switch off the data for a while. For a moment to let go of the fear of losing out. To realise that it is all right to be out of the circuit for a while. To choose to be on your own.

5. Explore other avenues.. Pursue a hobby..

Remember the times when we had to write essays on 'My favourite hobby'. With the virtual lives we lead, the word hobby has lost its importance on us. The passion associated with pursuing a hobby has somewhere been lost in this crazy paced life. Take time out to know yourself better. To simply sit by a veranda and smile. To learn a thing you were unaware of. It is just a matter of time before you already won't feel that you are missing out on the social network. Time yourself. Give yourself a break from this onslaught. It helps for sure.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The pursuit - a poem

Rules and expectations of the world,

Press hard pushing on the soul dreary curled..

Perform or perish in this race with time,
Running in the pursuit of earning a silly dime...

Success in reach yet failures abound,
Advisors dishing their wares, absurd yet sound...

Judgements pronounced at mere a whim,
The gradual rise threatening to spill the brim...

Not a moment to smile at the image fair,
Simplest of tasks, familiar leisure getting rare...

Millions of lives breathe and take a leave,
Through the maze your own path best to weave...

Love plucks a chord on the strings,
Never a word about the ache it brings...

And yet in all the chaos calling,
Lies the silence of the gliding wing...

Finding the quiet shout lying in wait,
Raise your head, buck up and stride in gait...

Friday, 6 January 2017

Newton's third law

  It really seems to be a post pondering over the strenuous school and junior college days. The laws newton set out in stone, to be used to solve problems from physics have haunted many at some point. As a simple reminder here's what wikipedia has to say

  "When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body."

  And as blindly as we applied this law in our tests and exams, we overlook its larger scope. Even before I try to align my thoughts, just a word on the term 'opposite'. Here it means a reaction reaching out to you as a result of your outgoing action. If we for a moment pause we realise that it is just this law that is enough to solve all your problems in life. To many a skeptic it would seem a path down a mystical road but the thought remains. 

  How easily could we lead our lives if we paid attention to this third law. Every single action of yours has a consequence. We now associate consequence as a scary term from a dystopian book or a movie. On the contrary it is all but a reflection of your input and can be as scary or as charming as you choose it to be. When marred by failures, it is the easiest way to blame our 'fate' or in popular terms 'luck'. To a few it might seem to be a lofty statement by one who perceptibly hasn't had his share of downs. So to them, just a reminder of how greener the grass seems to be beyond the fence. Every one of us has his or her own set of problems to tackle. It is time when we realise that eventually no problem seems more justified to us than our very own. 

  So why not try an approach which says, behave the way you want the people around you to behave with you. There is always a refute to this statement with examples of the 'good old trodden upon friendzone-specialists'. The ones who have been good according to the world and yet been treated unfairly. Believe it or not, introspection would lead them to the conclusion, that yes there is truly something amiss. Everything you have in your life in this moment is a consequence of your action. It is a reaction equally fair and oppositely directed towards you. All your curses or ill-wills come back calling upon you when you expect them the least. It is surely not an utopian world of perfect order. But has it ever stopped us from planning our weekends. We live on without all thoughts to the wind. Here comes the obvious statement - 'It is always easier said than done'. 

 Let us then choose to invoke the great scientist and especially his third law and give it a try. To act exactly the way we would want to be treated as.. Here's to a happy new year and a step towards realising our potentials..!