Thursday, 29 December 2016

On Patience and others


   The title could surely be misleading. It is not specifically on a particular topic. Even as I answer to the often incessantly tempting blink of the LED of a notification. It is a thought in progress. It is a thought on the remarkable pace at which we are moving ahead in life. Connected by this inseparable vestige called the Internet. At the risk of sounding an hypocrite, I wonder at how much has is penetrated our lives. The instagrams, the facebooks and whatsapps becoming so much of an integral part.It is marvelous if one ever wondered how lost we might feel without the WiFi and the data packs. 
   Subtly yet slowly we are now used to getting instant results. The speed at which we have our wishes, even needs fulfilled is mind boggling. This eventually has reduced the feeling of acknowledging the process. It seems a distant past well childish wonder dominated every event around us. When the smallest of things were a view to behold. Do we even realise the long process behind every morsel we intake? We at best associate it with the monetary value we had to incur for it. Do we ever spare a thought for the farmer who must have spent many a sleepless night, guarding his crop? Or even the driver who had to undertake a journey with its own share of troubles to bring it to the grocery in our neighbourhood. Ah! we have an apt explanation for it.. We are busy.. Busy in our own lives running behind fabrications of our own mind. Pursuits which we feel will make us happy.
  The virtue of patience is sidelined more often than not by our hot-blooded young populace. It is so easy to take offence and react with an air of wisdom(at best on social networks like me). The tougher task lies in having the patience to understand the situation at hand. There are faults we see with our parents' generation. No one comes in perfect packages devoid of faults. But yet they do have one thing better than us. The ability to be patient. Let us not debate on the times when patience is blamed to be detrimental. It is all but a journey with all assuming their roads to lead to the right destination. If only we realise some time soon that, each road is unique on its own to be discovered by the individual himself or herself. To have a level-headed approach is challenging. Be patient with not just the world, but your own self. Persevere to grow through all the downs and persist through the highs. This is what defines patience for me. Have a good day.. :)

Monday, 5 December 2016

The routine

    In the small town of Velpan, there wasn't much to boast about. A small town on the outskirts of a busy city, the only mode of contact with the nearby city was the train. A single train made its trip throughout the day. Sam was one of the few regulars on its trip up to the town in the morning and back down at night from work. He wondered why did he even bother to go to his wretched workplace every single day. The train just added to the monotony in his life. He wiped his brow by the cuff of his sleeve. Even this act seemed a monotony in this humid place. It had just one intermediate stop, very busy unlike Velpan where dozens of trains from all around made their way as a changing stop for the various cities around. Life was a routine for Sam, even this five minute halt, where he would run towards a secluded tea-vendor. Not because he made amazing tea, but for the one thing he always had waited for. The watered-tea was pathetic as always but it was for her he got down. Every day he would get down here for the one glimpse of a distant face by the vendor who would make his day. An amused smile on her face which would light up his forever monotonous day.
   Today seemed no different from the hundreds he had lived. Sam got down for his daily cup of tea. Life was such a bore, no zing left it in. No wonder the same thoughts crossed his mind here everyday sipping his tea-water. He waited for her glimpse in the crowd. She wasn't there by the distant lamp pole. Nowhere was she visible in this unfamiliar crowd. Disappointed he reached for his wallet, the five rupee coin in the same pocket as it had always been. Sad as the only one thing he had looked forward to wasn't there. It was childish but yes he had always waited for this moment to see her. And now even she wasn't here. Just as he was about to move to get back to his train, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned, slightly frustrated at the scar on his canvas of routine. To find the most beautiful face his eyes had ever set upon. It was her. The familiar yet strange face in the crowd he had always waited for. She stood there, her hand outstretched beckoning him. He was already lost in the abyss those sad eyes held. His mouth already a slammed shut by his nervous system and all thoughts of sense vanished and conquered by that single tap. His ears faintly registered a voice saying , "Excuse me, you dropped this!". Gradually his senses took in the scene and saw her holding out a handkerchief. Some reflexes kicked in and he took it from her. His mouth valiantly mumbling out incoherent responses, while his eyes saw her leave with a slight amused look on her face and his heart,.. Already yearning her to stay. The train whistled its departure as his legs carried him back to the train which would take him back to his own chapter of monotony. All seemed to be a haze as he went through his day without an ounce of attention to what was happening around him. 
   It was night and his train was about to cross the junction where he had met her the morning. The brain went into its thoughtless mode again, as his legs got him out of the train to the tea vendor who had left by now. There stood his shut shop and the rickety bench beside. All logic had left Sam as he sat there, shivering slightly against the chill of the night. Just one more glimpse was the reason his heart gave now. It was all unlike him. A different Sam altogether. He realised it was morning when the surprised tea vendor woke him up. He had his cup of tea early and his eyes searching for the now milling at the station. Just one glimpse of her. Sam saw his daily train come and his logic kicked in. She wasn't coming. He had to go to work. Back to the routine he hated. He got into the train sat by the seat he had always been at. It was particularly humid as always. It was just as he was about to wipe his brow, it kicked in. He never had used a handkerchief. As it hit him, he fumbled for his pocket and got out the handkerchief she had given him. He unfolded it, and there it was. Scribbled on it was a note.
   "I really didn't know how to put this. Thought this would be very childish but had to. Since it is my last visit here. I remember you getting off the train every single day for the tea-vendor where no one ever visited. I do not even know why I am doing this. But yes I was new to this place. All seemed alien. Everything seemed unfamiliar, and among all this there was you getting down at the place every single day which gave me a strange sense of familiar comfort. I don't know, but thank you for it. Have a great day a thank you for making many of mine good ones. Wish we cross paths somewhere some day. For now a good bye to you"
   As the handkerchief lay crumpled in his fist, for no reason a smile touched his lips as he went on by his routine. Wondering how his routine had yet been something altogether different for a person who was a part of his own routine. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

5 little things that help

Different things work for different people. To help you through your day.. Here are a few ones that one could try..

1.Plan to read and execute it:
Make it a daily chore to read at least a bare minimum of two pages, may it be an article in the newspaper, or a post on the Internet. Just make sure that it is something worthwhile your time and not just a gossip column. Something which teaches you a concept unknown to you before. Even a google search on something you stumbled upon. Reading expands your knowledge base and helps you grow.

2.Set aside time to retrospect:
The fine boundary that lies between over thinking and self inspection. In a world where there's hardly a moment to spare for a mundane activity, some important bonds get forgotten. One such bond is the bond you have with your own self. Set aside some time to glance over your own activities for the day. It helps in bringing the right things into focus. 

3.Learn a skill:
There are many websites freely available today which teach you DIY activities for tasks which if learnt help in the long run. Picking up skills on the go is easy and can be pursued as a hobby. For there's life in expansion and death in stagnancy.

4.Thank more:
We often associate money as the only price of the things we buy or the services which are rendered to us. Simply the monetary value paid and the job's done. In reality to acknowledge the person and thank him or her for the smallest of acts you receive is a good habit. Everyone loves a thank you. So why not pass it on if you can and bring a cheer.

5.Keep your goal in sight:
We often end up being the bad workmen blaming the tools. The blame game of forever inventing an excuse for why we couldn't achieve which we wanted to, begins. To stay focused is an art which is mastered by practice. Keeping your goal forever on the fringes of your thoughts helps to keep you anchored to the path you have chosen even in the face of momentary distractions.

So here are just a few things which might help. Everyone needs to find their own niche in the crowd of suggestions you'll forever be receiving... Good day!! 

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Lesson taught.. A story.

    The class was boring.. The teacher had been ranting about the way the code would work. The repetition was inexplicable.. Sameer could never wrap his head around the working of loops. The minute hand seemed to have stopped... The second hand continuing its loop around the center continuously. He couldn't wait to get back to his bicycle for a ride. The bell rang, indicating the time for school to be dispersed. He scooped up his bag made way for his bicycle. The rickety old cycle which had been his trusty companion on all his adventures. Today he had decided to explore something on the outskirts of the town. The loops and iterations still bothered him as he had hardly understood the concept. But now he was free to ride on his own away from all the monotony of repetition. 
    It was almost evening by now. The dilapidated mansion stood, shrouded in an aura of somberness on the outskirts of the hustling city. Every evening Sameer would cycle past yet hadn't ever dared to explore this part of the outskirts. There was an ever existing sense of mystery around the rundown building. Today was a different day though. He paused for a while convincing himself, killing his urge to explore this spooky place. Just as he was to kick at the ground and go on his way, he heard the sound. He set his cycle by a nearby peculiar tree.. The sound was ominous in the given setting. The sun had started its downward journey and would soon plunge the world around into the inky darkness that lay waiting. For a moment he hesitated as he saw a figure atop the balcony of the mansion on the first floor. As if the figure was frantically waving at him. He looked again only to find it empty. Sameer's curiosity got the better of his apprehensions. The sound intensified beckoning him unknowingly to the doorstep. He had a handy flashlight at his disposal in his smartphone. That was the only solace he could have in the darkness that lay in store. The door was surprisingly well oiled as against the creaky one, he had pictured.
     Sameer gingerly pushed at the door and stepped inside. The setting was dark and his pupils expanded to adjust. He dared not flick on the flashlight, unless he was sure of no malicious company being around. The mansion was old on the outside yet well organized on the inside. There was no sign of the cliched expected layer of  dirt. The sound seemed to come from upstairs. He stepped towards he flight of stairs which led to the first floor. A sense of foreboding overtook him and he hesitated before making his way upwards. The sound was sharper now, it sounded as a muffled voice repeating a phrase. HE gingerly stepped upwards to find a door ajar.
    He opened the door to the balcony. Perhaps the same one he had seen from his bicycle. The sound had stopped suddenly. This was something strange. He edged towards the balcony railings. The view was enchanting. The encircling road. The distant lights of the town. The withered tree.. But something seemed amiss. His cycle was missing by the tree, how could it be?.. Just as he was about to turn back. In the distance he saw a figure approaching the house on a cycle similar to his.. The figure halted by the fencing.. As if deciding whether to come over or move on. And then as Sameer looked carefully it came rushing to him. He was looking at himself.. Just as he was a while ago.. And the realization came hard, hitting him.. As the figured acted the same way he had some time ago... It was him.. Sameer shouted ... "Go AwAy!!".. But it came out in a muffle.. His voice was a mere muffle.. The figure downstairs glanced up and for a split second Sameer thought he had him.. But alas.. The figure moved on ahead towards the doorstep.. Sameer kept on with his muffled calls.. trying at the door.. With the scary realization.. He was trapped.. It was a loop.. He now knew what could a loop be.. He was stuck in one..

Monday, 10 October 2016

Her and Him..

What is it that sets her apart from the rest,
From the ordinary crowd of the better ones, yet the best..

The strength to feel alive even when lost,
An effort on course always for a smile at every cost..

Deeper than the beauty of the outer haze,
Something more lasting and pristine holds the gaze..

No matter how tough gets the going here,
Forever a source to trudge on ahead sans the fear..

In the recesses of quiet solitude lies this company,
Beyond the beauty of words, the talks, serious and funny..

Unknown to the world outside exist some equations,
With no solutions at hand, all it takes is buckets of patience..

Having never to explain yet knowing what to wish,
Sprinkled with trust and spiced with silliness lies the dish..

To open the closed doors of the world inside for some,
Without the fear of judgments, heed the silence yet to come..

You never know when it becomes a part of the daily rut,
Making it tough if it ever comes to the point to make the cut..

Yet in the present you learn and grow together,
Solid as a rock and yet the beauty of the gentle feather..

Trying times lay at every nook in wait for the test,
But you know if it is worth being in the sway for its the best..

Times shall pass, days shall roll in their own pace,
Not a thought in sight of distant the finish line in the race..

Her and Him living lives, night and day,
Growing apart or coming closer knows here nay..

And yet in the certainty of uncertain life,
They'll stick along for now be it joy or be it strife..

To stay focused - 5 little ways

Every day there are mind boggling events happening around us. Right from major inventions to heinous crimes on the rise. Amidst this hullabaloo of constant out pour how do we manage to stay in a stable state. Here are a few ways which could help.. 

1.To have a reason worth sticking to:

There is always a reason to all of our actions. The driving force which makes our daily clock tick. To have a reason which gives us a boost at times when all seems hazy and the going gets tougher. The reason plays a very important role in keep us on track. Take time and decide why you are doing a particular task. Just sticking to a task for the monotony of it is just a drain on  your resources. Identify what makes your heart skip a beat, what pumps you and makes you try to reach higher. Once you find it, nothing seems better.

2.The moments of distraction are minute yet powerful:

There is always a singular moment which you can find on retrospect where things could have gone downhill. To remain true to your path at such times is the only test you have to face at such times. To identify these trifling situations which threaten to pull you away is an art. For that all you need to be is be aware. To be aware of what you are doing. Such moments of distraction are unavoidable to the greatest of minds. The solution is not to keep resisting but to accept and face them. Live through them, be conscious of your actions and you will easily sail through.

3.Keep the end in mind:

Your journey is always full of ups and downs. Keeping up your spirits is a task. The temporary shots of caffeine and the quotes all around might work as a stimulant. But the effects wear of in due course of time. Plan out the way you want the end result to be. We at times leave the result up to the myriad powers of 'destiny'. Yet in the process we forget the fact that we are the creators of our own destiny. So think of the finality and how beautiful our achievement would be to our life.

4.Accept the current achievements:

Our feedback system is dependent on our acknowledgments. In the process of trying to achieve our goals, we forget our achievements and our current status. The present situation around is all but a result of our past actions. The moment we are grateful for our blessings (nothing of blind faith here), we underline the faith we have in our capability to achieve more in the future. The regard for our own actions in the past, helps us to be at peace with out self. The major discord happens when we always try to run behind things in the future and forget the present. And that is how we lose focus in the long run. Pat yourself on your back, be a little less critical inwards and believe that you can do well in the tasks you are to face in the near future.

5.Be open to learning:

'You know nothing'. The process of learning is an unending sojourn. The moment you think that you are knowledgeable you lose out on the beautiful process of learning. Being open to learning from all possible sources. The curiosity keeps you on track. From the little kid playing by the swing to the tomes of books lying by your desk, there are always newer opportunities to learn. It is not limited to when you are at your desk studying goes on all the while you are awake. Open your mind to the wonders around us. The systematized order we live in teaches us a lot. This keeps the fire in us burning, to be a better version of ourselves every waking day.

Remember life is a journey. And as all journeys go, the road matters equally as the ultimate decision. So enjoy it while it lasts..

Thursday, 18 August 2016

"All Indians are my brothers and sisters"

    'All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters..' these words repeated with their own added modifications in our school days during the mandatory pledge at assemblies mean much more than what meets the eye. The mandates and definitions that these mere words bring along can span many a tomes of literature. 193 years ago an Indian captivated an audience consisting of people from a multitude of races and ethnicities by addressing them as 'Sisters and Brothers...' . The purity of emotions that come along with this bond is incomparable to any other. The primary reason to address our fellow countrymen as brothers and sisters was somewhere lost in translation from heart to papers and then on to the first page of every textbook printed for a school kid.

   The inherent sense of affinity for the people we live with irrespective of any prejudices which history has brought along is the way ahead. Shedding aside the glasses of pre-conceived notions about the people we meet in our lives, we ask ourselves to move on. The feeling of goodwill which we have for our near and dear ones needs to be expanded over to all the lives we touch. Irrespective of the mistakes our kith and kin commit, we have it in ourselves to forget and forgive them, for a very simple reason of them being our family. For a country which preached 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam' - 'the world is a family', we have a long way to go and the path is full of treacherous pitfalls. Some ignorant mercenaries of a mob mentality propagated by a handful few lead to unnecessary clashes time and again. We teach our kids in kindergarten the moral of 'United we stand and divided we fall', yet as we approach the supposed sensibilities of adulthood we conveniently forget its importance. 
   It is not just a call of the times to realise the importance of spreading brotherhood amongst all individuals, but a dire need of the present tense. There will always be a million distractions and a horde of negative appendages which will pull us back from the path towards a united front. But at the same time the deep roots of tradition can in fact help us swerve away from dangerous routes and keep us firmly together. All it takes is a realization that, one can never progress alone. It is only when the people around us are happy and content, can we be assured of living in peace. As long as there is hatred for the individuals around us, we can never reach the destined land of serenity. Our eyes are used to vie for the greener pastures beyond the fence of our own limits. In the process forgetting that it is here and now that matters and consequently affect the day following today. Discrimination of any form from our side only displays our lack of thought and sensitivity for all to see. 
   We belong to a generation which has access to mediums which can reach out beyond the boundaries of geography and hence posses the power to create history. The choice will forever be ours to make... Till then..Be good and do good :) 

Monday, 15 August 2016

The empowered Patriot


    The tricolour will fly high once again or shine in their miniature versions on the lapels of our fellow countrymen. Long years ago we truly made a tryst with destiny. And our destiny to this day awaits as a forlorn lover to make good on the word we gave it sixty nine long years ago. Every passing moment we reach out in leaps and bounds in some fields and yet take a beating in the other. Some demoralised, lose themselves to the fate of acceptance. Some react with a hatred towards the system which runs us today. Some simply don't give a damn. And amongst these many 'somes' there are the handpicked few who not just believe but dare to act in the face of adversity. The blame game stops the very moment a person charges right into the niches of action from the sidelines of mediocrity. The faith bundled with a will to make a difference in this ocean where despair reigns high and mighty. Not the unending wait for a messiah to deliver them from the blunders and conspicuous problems that our nation faces today. For once not resign to the rut that awaits you. The routine that threatens to lure you into the confounded luxury coating the underlying slavery we still endure. The chains of security drag us on the misleading illusions of acceptance. 
   No one created wonders by criticising. No one remembers the critic, it is one who decides that his or her actions will make a difference in the long run. The slack attitude the stems from the mob mentality pulling us surely leads to a downfall in the future. There is no entity in this world without its share of problems to deal with. Some are grave, some defeat your morale, some threaten you to smother beneath their weight. Corruption, population explosion, intolerance, poverty, dirty politics, discrimination.. we carry our own baggage full of them. There is no shame in accepting their existence. That is the first step we take in acknowledging that we do care enough to think of making a difference. Changing the system, a complete overhaul are things of fantasy and fiction. But the change begins from the individual. Ultimately what is the nation made of, the individuals who belong to it. Why limit our patriotic hormones to the first mandatory 52 seconds before a movie starts? Why give up on the nation we live in and find an easy way out of it. The day every mouth is fed and every body clothed with a roof above, with a school to learn and mind full unbiased respect for all is the day when we can call ourselves free from the invisible shackles that still hold us down. This is no Utopia. It is a reality which can become a possibility only when each one of us realise that every little step counts on this canvas of bringing about a positive change in the country we live in. 
   There are numerous opportunities around us to contribute. A contribution not necessarily of wealth but of your heart and soul to fulfil the dream we all pine for. Who does not want to live in a country where we all stand proud of the grand heritage we have inherited? An amalgam of every ounce of goodwill from us as individuals, taking the best from the world around and striving for a better day tomorrow. The very moment I type this, or someone reads this write up, there stands a son who swore to protect his motherland, in the most extreme of conditions for us to crib about our needs. Easier said than done when we have our own little problems to take care of. The instalments, the grades and the career path we deem to follow. We as individuals serve a duty to the nation we belong to work in our own ways to make the smallest of differences on our levels. Beginning with a smile to your own self. A citizen of a nation which can take pride to be a part of. There will always be problems if you are on the lookout for them. It just takes a pint of courage to accept and a gallon of goodwill to prove to be worthy of the lives we have been bestowed in peace. Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day.. Jai Hind!!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

A good thought a day....

The importance of being in the company of thoughts that inspire you, keep you at peace and push you towards being a better version of you each day, can never be overestimated.. here are a few reasons to keep the good clock ticking forever..

1.Positivity is attractive:
The best asset you can own in this world is a bundle of good thoughts to carry along with you. No one likes a frown or a person with the forever cynical attitude towards life. Try this for a week and you will find people being at peace and even wanting to be in your company.

2.Its not just utopia:
Contrary to a common belief that positive thoughts just add a layer of pretence over the current situation, it is only when you try things yourselves and take initiative to take charge of your live you realise the practicality of keeping a positive frame of mind.

3.A light in the dark:
There are times when no one understands your situation. The times of despair when all seems lost and you are dejected to the core. It is only your mindset that can keep you from stumbling into a downfall. To know that every person in this world has to go through a struggle. The nature of problems is that they are unavoidable, but even in them you have a choice. The choice to face them with courage and stay strong from within.

4.Your own zone:
You are affected by the myriads of events happening around you. It is scientifically proven that there is physical response to every stimuli in the environment around you. The impact of things is continuous and cannot be helped. But there is a protective shield of thoughts where you protect your core. So why not let it be one of good thoughts and not of self-pity.

5.Teaches us to be expansive:
The magic that a good thought brings with it is the power to see beyond the boundaries of narrow-mindedness. A positive thought is expansive It unknowingly makes us think big. We no longer cling on to the little slights and offenses. As once Vivekanand said - "All expansion is life and there's death in contraction"

No good thought can exist without the very essence of gratitude. The very existence of a thought of gratefulness for what you have with you in this present moment and then strive to achieve more. A good feeling which stems from being thankful for having the liberty to breathe and be responsible for the direction you take your life in.

Life is forever flowing around you, taking you along. You hit boulders while at times you float in peace meandering through moments... In this is flow of life you have a choice of oars. To direct you through the chaos and be in charge of where you go. The way upstream is always full of difficulties. And to aid you in this task is the mighty power of good thoughts.. So keep em around and keep smiling..

Sunday, 7 August 2016

That very place..

The trees still the same stood upright, 
Leaves swaying hiding nooks from plain sight..

Lush green whispering secrets to none,
Calmly herding all below be it rain or the sun..

A path meanders its ways through around,
Marked by footsteps etched forever safe and sound..

Generations of men come and go in their time,
Leaving behind memories more than their hoarded dime..

Thoughts of worry of the future and the past,
A thing to learn from the timeless odes firmly cast..

Odes of valour and the good deeds of some,
Recounted to this day and for the many to come..

Chose what you do in the present with utmost care,
For a moment lost is lost forever, harsh yet truly very fair..

Glimpses through the window of solitude here,
Out into the world full of love and a petty kind of fear..

The fear of losing, to be overcome from within,
To realise the ounce of courage that is hidden in the din..

At last to end the day with a smile on your face,
Mingling with the melody of nature and not the rushing race ..

Sunday, 31 July 2016

6 reasons to help reduce worrying

In a world of forever increasing pressure. Here's six ways to handle and reduce this ever problematic anxiety.

1. Realize the waste in it:
 There is no use of being worried about an event which is in the future and you have absolutely no control over. The wasted moments on thinking about what would happen in the future only come back in the future as moments of regret on having wasted time.

Sunday, 10 July 2016


        It was over.. The months of a false pretense had come down crashing all around. The layer of illusion before him was ripped apart by the harsh knife of truth. It wasn't to be. The many moments which had now rolled off into the baggage of memories, still hit hard. No matter how much he tried to convince himself of the days to come, the promise they held, it wouldn't heal the wound of the one broken in the days gone by. The melancholy was tangible in the air around. If encompassed all those who tried to break this shell. The shell which he had withdrawn into.
        He shouldered his rucksack and made way to the rock by the shore. It had been his place, once. Long before the messed up moods, this was his place of peace. The memories sweet were now all marred by an emotion of incompleteness. The puzzle he was solving seemingly impossible now. The missing piece he had found was lost in the crowd he had searched for. The gaping hole it left in its absence yearned for the familiar presence. The smile, the very thought of it brought along a river of longing. The shore was empty, not a single soul to trespass upon the boundaries of his vision. The horizon a splash of eventide colours. Mixing, merging mesmerizing the onlooker into a haze of meaninglessness. Yes it was his stupidity to have let his defences down. To lay out a carpet to tread upon with love.. Tread over it was.. crushed and crumbled to wither away...
        He sat there waiting.. waiting for the piece to be found... someday..

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Unpredictable yet...


    The innumerable people we meet in life. Some mere glances on the timeline, while some a bookmark in our book while some a splash on the canvas. Call it what you may, but the lives we touch during our time here is countless. Some way or the other we move on from one phase to the other forever changing. The childhood story of Yudhishtira and the Yaksha by the lake pops up as a distant memory with the question very clear.

     "The yaksha asked the prince 'O yudhishtira what is the most wonderful thing in this universe?', The prince pondered a while and answered, 'The most wonderful thing is that man goes on with his life every moment with a presumption that he is to see the next day when he sees hundred of his fellow beings resting in peace forever every day'.Thus the yaksha was content."

  This excerpt from the mythological stories found in abundance in our texts proves a point. The unpredictable nature of life is more often than not taken either for granted and completely ignored or taken in a negative way to be in the constant fear of facing our ultimate calling of death. It seems absurd to think and talk of the ultimate reality we are to face some day. But then why not take a positive leaf from the pages of uncertainty and use it for our best. The very next moment is meant to be unpredictable unknown to us. That leaves a lo to marvel and be grateful for. The past that has been and the future that will be remain the untouchables in our equations. That the very next moment could take you to a place you never would have imagined. That's the beauty uncertainty beholds. 
    When for a moment if we leave aside the glares of prejudice and the buckets of judgement we carry along everywhere we can see the broader perspective. The simple notion of the weight we are carrying today. The weight of 'ego' and the following chain of 'issues', 'grudges' and the list is endless. The realization that hits hard is of the futility, the uselessness of these evils we carry along. The unpredictable lives we live somewhere make us realize that these things aren't worth effort we put in to remember and fester. And yes fester it does, like a wound, the only difference is, that it is us who feel the pain, the hurt of clinging on. Life moves on at a pace which is terrifying at times. There it calls for a time to sit back and think over the amazing things we are letting go in the process. The wonderful people we have in our lives. It isn't about being a soft-hearted person but having a heart which knows when to let go. To let go of the grudges or the judgement we hold against a person. For life is too short to let such things matter. And yet take every chance to make someone's life beautiful. Leaving a person happier than you met him or her is an art if one could master. As human beings we falter and commit mistakes. This where ego uncoils and springs up as wall. The simplest way of apologizing seems an uphill task and the wall between two people becomes thicker with every added ounce of ego from both the sides. And this is where one should realise the fickleness of life. The unpredictability.
     A simple act of the golden words we were once taught as kids goes a long way. A heartfelt 'sorry' and a genuine 'thank you' has broken down many walls of ego and built bridges of pure love. So give it a try before it is too late. The simplest of acts of being genuine and making the other person aware of how lucky you are to have him or her in your life. It could be your amazing mother or your super father. It could be your school friend. It could just be the guy who sweeps up your premises. Spread the love.. For this is the only moment you truly posses so why not make it amazing.

-Some events in life trigger a series of thoughts . This write up is a result of one such news.. RIP Suraj sir.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Short take


   As the leaf gently parts its way from the branch that once held it close. The subtle crack heard only by the most patient of listeners as the leaf sways over the breeze, the breeze carrying it away, cushioning its fall towards the ground. The branch above staring in helpless agony as the leaf dwindles below from its sight. With the minutest of thuds the leaf settles down on the mud below. The wind threatening to take it further away. The sun above shines on the green of the leaf soon to fade away. The little birds hopping around chirruping their daily song fade away. Swooping downwards, the silent mourn of the branch. To let go of the leaf it once held close and dear. Forever slumped in its memory.. Gradually the leaf's no more than a smudge in the mud. Nothingness now. The branch seeing it fade away into the soil below. Clouds blow past. Seasons turn and then one day the branch feels it. The little nudge from within. A soft touch prodding. The tiniest of nodes peeking out. The beginnings of a new leaf. It's a circle that is followed.. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

5 things for a happier day..

   Every moment that we breathe time goes on by its flow. The river of time on its way never retracing its path. So why not live out one day at a time being the thing we can be best at. Being Happy.

1.The first thought..
     The moment you wake up. The very first hours of your day make a huge difference on determining your mood and consequently your actions and reactions for the day. So chuck the smart phone lying beside your table. For a second let that impulse pass to check up whatsapp or the facebook feed. Just sit up on your bed and think of a thing that makes you happy. It could be what the day has in store for you or it could be a dinner or anything that makes you happy. This trivial step kickstarts the day with a dash of happiness and the flavour lingers on your day.

2.Move those muscles..
    It takes loads of will to do this. Exercise. May seem unrelated in the context of happiness. But set aside a time for your body. For you get just one of these with no 20 year replacement policy. The onus is on you to look, feel and be fit. Half an hour to 45 minutes of exercise in addition to releasing the endorphins makes you feel good about yourself. Makes you feel better about the body you are in. Adds to your personality and lets you carry yourself with a comfortable gait.

3.Stay quiet for a while..
    Call it meditation call it what you may. But it isn't remotely religious. Spare some time to sit down in a place where it's just you and your mind. Close your eyes if it works for you. Don't complicate things with the literature you will find on the Internet. Just sit a while and relax. Away from the myriad attachments of the life you live and pay attention to the rhythm of your breaths. The endless pattern of the air flowing through your lungs. Adding this activity to your daily activities calms you down and goes a long way in helping you think clearly.

4.One thing at a time..
  There are lot many things competing for attention in your life. The next assignment, the next salary, your career prospects, your friend calling you up, the laundry you have been meaning to do.. The list is endless. Pause and realise the fact.. You anyway have to complete the tasks your mind has set itself to so why not do them in a better focused manner. The word focus itself points to paying attention to one thing at a time. Chalk out your priorities and go head on with tackling one task at a time. This reduces your anxiety and helps you be more productive at what you do. Because you wouldn't want to be the proverbial jack of none while trying to handle everything, but master things gradually.

5.Behave the way you wish to be treated as..
  You love to be treated with respect send out respect to every individual you come across. That's how simple it is. Its presumptuous to expect people to treat you impartially when you have an entrenched bias for some. The reactions you receive from the world around you are nothing but magnified reflections of what you do. So the words you utter, the smallest of actions be aware of them. Why not try and let them all be amazing. Take it up as a challenge to be good and genuine to all those around you ignoring what they have been to you. And wait and watch to see your every passing moment become brighter,.. Become happier..

Easier said than done, but rather start with something than none..

Sunday, 19 June 2016


          "Did you hear this ____ about this ___?". Fill in these blanks with any random person and any random activity. Add a pinch of salt and here is how a rumour is born. There's a source and the receiver. All of us have been at the either end of this heinous flow. Just another word passed on. At times unknowingly. We are blissfully unaware of the repercussions those words will have. There are the proponents of the ideal pathway of not caring about them. And yes for sure it is the right way out of this jumble of stories flying around you. To tune out the noise and the unwanted appendages to this already bulky bag of thoughts. But you pause and you ponder and give a thought about how you yourself can be a part of a process which may affect a person and perhaps even hurt him or her in the long run. Words posses power and you wield them to your purposes. To realise the fact that any word, any adjective however innocently may you add to a person may end up being interpreted in a wrong way. More often than not the intentions are never to scar a person or devastate the person in question. It is just what gets let out while we are deep in conversation. However innocent may the intentions be, they meet there mark. Just as an arrow from a bow follows its set trajectory to hit the mark no matter the what the intention the archer has. The damage is done.
   The moment you realise that you posses a power to make a change with the words you utter, is the very moment you realise how harsh can rumours be to the receiver. At times its just a remark without knowing the entire situation at hand. But the remark lingers and festers into a wound which some never recove from. The impact of the words we utter reach far and wide. They penetrate beyond the limitations of the mundane physical boundaries. They persist and affect every passing thing they touch. The intentions then no longer count. Its simply never underlined enough that think and give it a thought before you speak out something about someone. Our words more often than not about the person are a manifestation our own rooted prejudice and a quick reaction to the momentary calculations our brain makes. These volatile thoughts turn up sprinkled in our words and we create and spread around a rumour unknowingly. This then spreads around like wildfire and entrenches itself in the very circles we live in. The harmless intention withers away and a long lasting aftermath is left in place. 
  The other half of the story which remains hidden to you is what matters. The life which the person leads is never our businesses. We haven't been over the other side and reached out. To know how it is to be the person and live in the circumstances the person is in. It's truly said that, it is the circumstances that end up making and shaping a major part of how a person is. So it's a gigantic assumption we make and go about adding life to a rumour. The job's done and you forget about it. But for the person it could end up being a stigma or a label being attached to him or her for years to come. It's easy said than done. To ponder and then speak up. But it goes on to make a huge difference for some person. So the next time we use the above cliché  let's just for a second take a pause and think whether we are aware of what we are about to utter. Trust this, that it is all but a small step towards creating a huge difference .. towards making this circle of lives around us a happier place with our presence . Have an amazing day.. 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Wind - Their Story

       The day was going on at the monotonous pace as usual. The daily shifts from dawn to dusk with their fixed little moments of so rehearsed by now that it took no more of an conscious effort to even try to actually be there when he trudged on. The seconds rolled on into minutes and finally the hours ticked away on the huge wall clock that would mark his freedom for the day. The siren rang sharp and long and quenched his strained ears with the sound more pleasant than the sweetest melody. He could have broken a million records for speed as he packed up his satchel and ran towards the exit. Today would still be the same. But these were the minutes he waited for all day. The evening walk back home. The familiar breeze made all the weariness vanish in a jiffy. The wind caught its pace and blew through his set up hair messing them in the way he loved them to be.There was his corner rock awaiting him as usual. This was one routine he never detested. The wind was playing its own game of peekaboo with the rustling leaves of the tree that stood alone over the rock by the road. It was an oddity in this world of shimmering plexiglass and the concrete mausoleum of living automatons. A stark contrast of stability in this sea of forever rushing masses. That is why he liked it maybe. He propped his satchel by his side and sat down.

       Cars queued away their endless sojourn towards destinations unknown to him. The hundreds and thousands who moved on around him with their own baggage. A satchel just like him but they carried more. The weight of all that mattered. Instalments, mortgages and the paraphernalia they had surrounded themselves with to lead on with their acts in the play aptly designed for them. They played their roles to perfection with a grudging agreement to the whims of the ones who managed them. The reluctance faded away as time went by. He sat on the rock. The rough granite was familiar and soothing. He was at ease. More than he could ever be on the sleek cushioned furniture he had access to. The tree smoothed out is furrowed brow with the melody of the swaying branches. The day would end but this was his kingdom. This little rock was where he reconnected and recharged. He got out his mini sketch book and let his pencil meander on the textured realms of his world. 
      It was quite some time before the page was a collage of random scribblings. A lamp post here, a building facade there but nothing that would make him close it up hop back on to his way home. He turned the page to a fresh one and sat there chewing up on the pencil he held twiddling in his fingers. A gust of wind hit him hard in the face. Momentarily bringing him back to his senses as he looked around. There she was in the distance. The wind still playful messed up with his hair more and hushed away all the traffic around. He could no longer hear the honkers honking away at their wheels, Nor could he smell the incessant smoke in the air. It was just her in the distance. The pencil sketched away as if it had a life of its own. She stood there waiting for the bus maybe... While he sketched away. The lone strand of her hair gently falling over the contour of her face.. The lips that curved inherently upwards.. The breeze every moment tickling her locks and them swaying atone to the melody that worked its way all around. The high cheeks with a a little flush of the evening as the orange sun added to it. And among them all his pencil strove to capture the one thing which had caught his attention all the while.. Her eyes... Even from his distance he could sense them speaking out.. Full of pain.. How could it be? Such a beautiful lady and yet the pain...... And just as he revised his last stroke he saw her cab arrive... She got in and he realised that it could just be the time when he would ever get to see her. But as he got up to intercede her.. he knew it was late as the cab pulled away.. He saw her recede in the distance forever.. How could it be.. It was just a sight .. Seeing her for the first and now maybe the last time..... He made his way back to his rock.. Looking away into the distance....He would never see her... 
       The wind making its way.. as the pages of his sketch book fluttered by... And there she lay on every of all the pages yellowed by now..... Sketched the same way.... over and over again... every day..........Somewhere far away in a cab she wiped away her tears....  The doctor had told her to give up... He would live the same day.. for his years to come..... There was nothing they could do for him.. yet she had asked her was there a chance... The doctor had grudgingly replied a remote possibility if he was provided with the same events that unfolded the day he was reliving.. He just might come back... That was all she required.... As the cab came to a shop she opened her purse for the change.. And as she got it out.. There lay the crumpled piece of paper.. She opened it up.. And there she was.. It had come flying up to her with the breeze around.. .. His sketch of her..  The breeze.. was what had brought him to her... And she would not give up.. For she knew.. The breeze would bring him back one day....

Monday, 30 May 2016

On living it..

          Of recent a recurring thought brushes by in forms. 'The things we didn't do are more regretted than the ones we actually end up doing'. We live without a foot always in the past and one worrying about the future. And in this process forget the importance of the present tense. By far the most important gem we possess. The uncanny worries of the future and the constantly regurgitated events of the past play havoc on the board of our life throwing the pieces in disarray. It is but easy to lose oneself in the thought of how the past was. And yes the sweet events of the past brush past the gentle facade of our memories letting lose the unbidden days gone by. It is a pleasure to remain immersed in the thoughts of things that were. It allows you to be comfortably numb from the realities of the present. The other extremes where we end up is worrying about the future. The constant thoughts of how things will be and what will be the reactions of every minutest decisions. If we pause once in a while and try and glimpse into our own minds, it won't be a wonder if end up laughing at our thoughts. The improbable situations we cook up and the useless over thinking that follows suit.

     The present ironically remains forgotten and we hesitate to grab opportunities forever waging a two way war with the past and the future. The moment you realise that they can never cross the lines time has bound them to, you start your onslaught riding in the saddle of this very moment. To realise that the things of the past are just what has been and never shall be again. You derive the strength from the fact that every thing that went against you, chiseled the fine corners of your character and made you what you are today. In fact it is a source to derive your strength from. To believe that every challenge is beatable. It's easy play of words to preach. But to learn to accept the past is the biggest challenge of all. The myriads of lives we touch and the many who leave a mark on the pages of the book of our life. The etch a place and the memories are to stay. To run away is not a choice and neither is facing them constantly. Both end up hurting you more often than not. The only choice is the middle ground of acceptance. The person who makes peace with his or her actions of the past is the one here to stay. Treat the pieces of the past as treasures to learn from but not to replayed at every whim.
     The future and the days to come are a result of the actions you take today. But the over thought that goes in worrying about it is often underrated. The worries sap your energy and all but lead to more frustration. Living forever in the shadow of made up impending doom is a favourite pass time our mind indulges in regularly. The way out is a simple realization. To realise, that all we have is this very moment in our hands. The beauty and the power we posses to chose what we do of this moment in our hand. To take charge of the present and live it to the best of our capacities. Because this very second is never coming back. It is completely on us whether to whale it away as every other to be dumped in the irritating recurrent memories of the past or carve a masterpiece out of it. To arrange these pieces of art in a series of decisive moments to decorate and celebrate this wonder we call life.. So buckle up live this second for its yours and only yours to live.    

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Concise Musings

    A series of thoughts after one amazing discussion. To learn how to accept things as they are and then build upon the your own masterpiece. The myriad events that unfold around us profoundly affect our thoughts and reactions. Even the slightest of images that fly by our eyes affect our thought process and trigger our responses. A while ago a researcher proved that any suggestions even in the form of words can evoke physical responses from us towards them, even to the extent of having a life like reaction to simulated environments. This just adds to the fact that how important is the input we provide to ourselves. An analogy can be drawn to our self being a machine where we take care of it and provide it with input and hence get corresponding outputs. This simple equation underlines the importance of the things we watch, the books we read and the songs we hear. The littlest of things influence us and go a long way in paving the path we tread upon. So yes just a thought to ponder over what you let in. The importance of having a filter and not letting the wrong things affect you makes a difference in the long run. 

   We let things in through the various mediums we interact with the world around us. One thought leads to another and then we create a whirlpool of our own thoughts and remain forever trapped in prejudices that follow. This in turn keeps affecting our general thought process and then in time create the goggles we put on and start judging the world. This goggle more often than not is so subtly placed on this nose of our ego that we never notice it and lead our lives on the same lane. And they why to despair in the face of adversity?  When we ourselves hold the key to the door that opens directly to the mind that makes or breaks us. So just a thought.... Decide what to let in and what to let be.. For that is what matters and creates you..

Friday, 22 April 2016

Aware of what you say

  Every day we come across people who are a part of our life. Talking to them is a part and parcel of our lives. Mighty powerful are those often neglected words we say. The words and phrases stringed together in the thread of emotions lying underneath them. Faster than an arrow they zoom past and reach the target. If only we keep a thought on hand every time we speak. True that one ought to say whatever the heart feels. To have no inhibitions about anything and be open about what we want to say. Pause here for a while and realise that what we say matters. 
  It matters to and affects the people around us. The ones we speak to. The one whom we don' t usually mind or consider before letting lose from our quiver of arrows. The words we say the talks we have have at times an ever lasting effect on the ones around us. To just pause a bit before we let lose. To think about what we say helps in the long run. You never know when will you ever see or meet the person you are talking to in this moment. To realise the value of this very moment and be aware of what you speak. For words posses power. Immense power to create and to destroy. There are believers in the concept of ' to hell with the world ' . To just be free and speak out with no consideration or to give a penny for thoughts before one talks. Myriad personas exist because of the myriad opinions we carry along wherever we go. That's the beauty of life. But to realise the very basic that a simple thought before we talk goes a long way in being constructive. Why be destructive when you can contribute to being constructive...

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

When in doubt..

            There come times in life when we feel surrounded by the worst of adversities and nothing ever goes right. Every action of ours seems misinterpreted and always results in some disasters. The worst of feelings when the world seems so unfair and all we do just seems to go wrong. These days test us and the strength of our character. The true power which comes from a single source called 'faith'. The only remedy to the monster we created in the expanse of our mind 'self-doubt'. When you feel like no one can understand what you are going through and do not feel like interacting with the human world. Even the ones who care and the ones who matter seem insignificant and just another unbalanced variable in the already messed up equation of life. Why is that all we do ends up in shambles. Is it that we don't deserve to succeed? Is it that we are just not up to the mark that we always thought we were at. The self imposed critical thought that immersing in some activity which will distract and may help us keep the bygones and their appendages at bay atleast for a while. To strive to just stay alone and aloof from the distractions that life presents us. A world of being severely critical of all our actions past and present. A big question mark that hounds our dreams waking and sleeping which doesn't let us rest.

                The question mark on the ideas and principles which were supposedly true all this while seem distantly unreal. Then our mind decides on a path it has chalked out as a reaction and not a response to the situation we have found ourselves in. The reaction seems completely logical and right to us in the heat of the moment. Maybe it even succeeds in temporarily easing out the emptiness which lies inside. But then do we remember that in the process that our actions affect us first the most in a good or a bad way but also have repercussions to the people who have always been around and believed in us. It seems illogical of them to behave the way they do. Our mind is truly is a masterpiece and finds out or in fact even cooks up a proper explanation for our actions which justifies it in our scope. And thus we start our lonely walk on the path of supposed self-redemption. Its tough to believe or even pay an ounce of attention to what someone says and feels the right thing to do. Its truly said that one should follow what our heart says. The inner voice, the instinct. But a reaction to an event which leaves us bamboozled may not always be the right one. Again its a topic for relative conclusions. On a general note reactions more often than not are either inflammatory or seclusive. Both the extremes only could end up in a decision which could affect many a things to come. The only thing which helps at such times to just take a deep breath.. A couple more if you will.. To close your eyes and be aware of all sorts of responses to the situation we are in. To realize that it is truly true that no situation in life is ever impossible to be sorted. May be it is complex and tough for others to understand but life moves on, teaching you lessons on the way. The faith in ourselves need not be affected by any outer events. 
   Its all easier said than done. Its easy to sit in a room with a lappy in front of you and type our sermons. Trust me it is the first step which takes you beyond the threshold and the comfort zones of mediocrity. To have a faith in the infinite prowess you posses and the unseemly solutions which pop up for you as an effect of directed efforts and grit. To be aware that all we see in this world is nothing but a reaction of people and things to the situations they are in. Nothing is personal but a lesson to be learnt at every step, only if we observe and learn. Life's too short to waste it in running away and breaking away from things and living in seclusion from the real facets. To be ready and responsive and not reactive.... As someone truly said...
'Life may not be fair, but it does give you your share of fair opportunities'
Just have faith and grab them and live to fullest with nothing but good intentions at heart for all.. Cheers have an amazing day. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Shoulder.. A story

                          The boy to his place by the window of the kindergarten classroom as usual, waiting for him to come. Today was the parent- teacher's meet. All had arrived by now in tow with their parents. The teacher called out his name but he could have hardly heard. The boy's eyes word transfixed at the school gate which was the only thing which he could see through the window. His father would come today. He knew, at least today, he had to. His dad had promised him that he would come this time. The meet had started. In the background make out the sounds of his friends chirping loudly around the parents. Showing them the handcrafted little project they had made overtime. A single tear drop rolled past his chubby cheeks to wet the paper he clutched. He was going to give it to his dad. A picture of them standing by the crooked little red house while the almost circular sun smiled over them. The parents were now talking with his teacher turn by turn while the teacher gave each of them a toffee and

Monday, 28 March 2016

The Chase.. A story..

  The chase was on. He was on the run for the last two days. Continuously on his way further from his pursuers. He had barely managed to give them a miss. Two days without a respite. The running was never an issue. He had run from the things in life for ever. The targets leading to the next in line. The chase was taking a toll on him mentally. He could hear their cries strangely distant, beseeching him to stop, to return. No he wouldn't now. He was finally free from them. They didn't matter. He kept running tirelessly yet could hardly seem to get anywhere. It felt he was simply circling the same area over and again. It was an endless loop and yet the pursuers seemed close enough.

    They had always missed him by a flicker. He ran till his legs could carry. And that was a surprise for he wasn't tired. Nor was he hungry. Hunger, sleep all had vanished in the shadow of fear. It was the fear of getting caught that was keeping him going. The cries of the pursuers were becoming intense every passing moment. Somehow genuinely calling him. For a moment he was almost tempted to stop and turn to face them and go back to the monotony of the drudged life they would make him live. In the distance he could now see a crowd gathering. Maybe if he managed to mix into the crowd the pursuers would give up and leave him alone. The crowd was closer now. Something was wrong with the crowd. The pursuers, he couldn't hear them any longer. They had stopped calling for him. He heaved a sigh of relief as now he knew he was free from their clutches. He could now  be as he had always wanted to be. His curiosity got the better of him as he decided to go over to the crowd. The chase was over finally.. The pursuers had given up on him. And there it was. He stopped running and it  all came rushing back again.
    The pursuers were all around him in the crowd. Suddenly the chanting the cries for him to come back were louder, sharper. He was done now. Now they would catch him and he would have to go back to his old days and way of life. He could as well give up now. he drooped his way to the centre of the crowd to surrender to the fate his pursuers had in mind for him. Any moment the pursuers would come crashing into him, calling out his name to take him back. He opened his eyes to see what was wrong. And he did.. He now could comprehend why he was no longer hungry as he saw himself being lowered into a box as the marker beside read his name with the engraved..
"Rest In Peace..."

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Eternal Ephemerality of Moments

 The transient life that flows all around and the moments sprinkled in this montage of time make one wonder about the little joys and the tinges of sorrow tangled in this web. The timeless beauty of moments we let sink in and affect the very foundations of the lives we lead. Every one writing his or her own story flipping through the pages at a pace unknown to the writer. The words marked upon with a permanence unavoidable by the mightiest. The moments that find their niches in this tapestry laid out for one to create, have their own way of touching lives. Some find mentions, some chapters in the book of moments of others. Finding their way to their hearts and some staying beyond the short lived phases and phrases of memories. Time flows by on its own never-changing pace while one treads around collecting snapshots of frozen time. The moments that linger on the edges of the deep abyss of the mind. The moments hidden deep away in the recesses while some lost in the crowd of newer ones. They all stay, some forgotten with the passage of time while some purposely smothered beyond granite walls of ignorance. 

    The moments that add up to finally balance this ledger of life. The additions and the subtractions multiply in intensity while you try to divide the good ones from the bad. Yet you find no defined boundaries and a hazy mix at the edges where all merge. The moments which light up your face with a smile to last and the ones which for no reason moisten your eyes. The moments of solitude which have none but yourself for company, yet manage to crowd their way in the times of silence. The moments which breathe and live a life in your heart waiting to take over and hit you with a dash of nostalgia.. The moments which last a blink yet affect you forever.. These many moments treasured away in every heart.. living yet lived once..

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The moment...

                     "She stood there.. As gorgeous as ever.. The wind as flirtatious as ever, tickled Her locks.. Up above the stars searched far and wide for the moon.. If only they knew.. The moon was engrossed.. hiding behind the veil of clouds.. Gazing at her.. Shinning a silent shimmer on her facade.. Enchanted by the perfection of her eyes, her lips, the lazy strands rustling in discordant harmony.. The moon in love of the sight it beheld from the heavens.. Thinking of the angels who would hardly stand a chance.. She belonged here in the paradise, the city of perfections... Yet something was amiss.. The curve of her lips turned the other way.. As if waiting.. for her own reason to smile..Missing something... Missing someone...... There He was... Walking towards her.. The moon felt a pang of jealousy.. For her face lit up with the smile it was waiting for... And that moment the moon knew.. She was taken... Taken far away from this moment to a moment beyond the boundary of space and the limitation of time.. As He walked up to Her.. Looked deep into her eyes.. unwavering.. Answering all questions Her eyes could ever ask.. Mesmerized by the audacity of Time, daring to stop by.. To stop and freeze the moment in the hushed frame of yearning... The silence spoke its sermon in a voice audible to Them.. The stars had given up their for the quiet song of a bird invisible to the eye.. And as the moon gave them their own space in the paradise that lay below.. One made more beautiful than the one above by the two hearts beating in symphony of a tune unheard before...  The moon bid adieu in a tinge of contented envy.. For the one beat it could now sense.. The two pieces of a puzzle fit in.. Slipping into the chasm of eternity.. To a world sans the mediocrity of the mundane... Never wanting to unbind the twine that held... Never wanting to leave... For ever.."