Sunday, 29 December 2013

Just do it...

The other side of the moon. The one which always stays hidden and away from our sight forever. The unseen and unobservered always matter. We have that tendency to judge. May be logical activities made our brains go haywire. The wirings have ended up a fuzy mess, making us behave in a deductive manner. We weigh, compare, we infer, till this point, its all fair and good. The thing that follows next is the real danger. We weigh, we compare, inferr and we conclude. This is where all humanity has ended up being a big loser. We conclude and hemce become judgemental. Judgemental remindse of the movie "English Vinglish". Such a plain one but the word lingers. Why don't we judge people. Thank God if it had stopped at that. We don't. We start creating mental images of people around us. We constantly project it to our poor brain. And this is how trouble brews. The mental image, we then react and interact with the person in question in the same way as of the mental image. The figment if imagination painted on the canvas of judgement. Why do we end up being so. The world will never stop being critical of our actions. It won't ever sympathise. And in fact it shouldn't. We alone are responsible for our actions and deed. Let's then ditch looking through the glass of pre images. It has been already tarnished by the creation of self imposed images. It would forever hinder us from seeing the world as it is. so as nike says it. just do it...

Friday, 13 December 2013

Being HAPPY Human----------Talk about it

           The Being Human tees worn day in and day out remind me of this very post title. Just being human is all it takes to be happy. Many a times the way or the path to bring up that smile is complicated and over rated. True it is that the journey is many a times more important the ultimate destination that awaits us. No one has ever come back to tell us the route they took. Some have prescribed the way they took, while some forced us into taking a predefined route towards being happy. Personally when does one feel 'happy'. Just being in the moment itself is being happy for me. In fact there sometimes exists no reason for being happy. This maniac laughter that boils within is pristine and needs a way out. At times its simply our own thoughts that hinder the laughter on its way. Just our thoughts. Aren't they important? The smallest of events unfolding out there behold a mystery, a joy  hidden right behind. All you need is the little inspiration to feel it. The bubbles of happiness burst at the slightest prick of self pity. The image that we confront the society the with. The constant pressure to perform. The unseen vices gripping our character. To be acknowledged, is many a times the sole motto. Sadly its this that is cause of those so called ego clashes. In fact no human is without ego. Its the sole gift u get free the day u are born. In fact ego in its demure form is beneficial but sadly it always ends up springing at the the wrong time. 
          Simply using that wagging tongue goes in a long way. Talking about it. Let those emotions flow. Let those words flow. Speak up, It goes in a long way in mending fences. There is no lesser pride in taking a couple of steps backward. Just let em be. Let that prestige be set aside. It helps a lot. Give it a shot. Just speak it out lout what you want to. Just talking with the person in question helps a lot. It relieves you of your emotional luggage. Smile, grin and speak it out

Sunday, 8 December 2013


          When there is a time when you either don't have a keyboard or a net connection, its frustrating. To miss my blog. The thing that i missed. Keying in and writing those thoughts. Time has come to gather it all up these vacations. Thoughts on being back from first 5 months in a hostel. Something different. A totally vivid life back there. A different phase of life. Getting disconnected from the routine back there. A time of reconnection. The life in a hostel is something I could have never imagined. The first thing which strikes one's mind is sharing. Sharing a room with three other people. But it helps a lot when you are already familiar with them. A lot infact rather than complete strangers being around. The pre assumed missing home and other expected stuff never quite happens. Especially not in a melodramatic way. Though one can never neglect the feeling of being away from accustomed surroundings. An unfamiliar bed to tuck in. A completely different roof overhead. One might even accord this to the so called unattached attitude of the new generation. The 'No-one-gives-a-damn' view, which has been criticized a lot. This could even be attributed to the large number of communication media available to us. Your near and dear ones are just a couple of clicks away. 
       And yet this experience began. The first thing you realise is the freedom. Many might interpret this word wrongly. But its the way one sees at it in the end. It is being free from the rigid boundaries one is expected to follow. It is the freedom not only to think but be responsible for our thoughts and consequent actions. A lot more days and experiences to follow on this little journey called hostel life..

Monday, 18 November 2013


The friend, with no tags to bear along it,
Simply being open and happy, my advisory kit ;)

That huge smile, makes my day each time I see it,
The long chatter and chatter adding bit by bit.

Though it wasn't for long that it could be so,
Things and memories of past breaking across the row.

Times of sulking and fake anger stay still,
Yet the happy moments rise up on the creaky mill.

Friends don't need a common base to stand on,
In fact its the uncommon that strings it along.

Luck is what I had, to have you as a friend of mine,
Seems so long back, as our friendship grows older as wine.

To the world things may seem twisted all around,
But its us that I know, how pure than the cleanest ground.

Can never thank you enough ever for everything, 
All I'll do is to try and be true and luck it will bring.

Its so awesome to have a friend in you,
This friendship will stay clear as the morning dew.

In the end will ask just a thing for awhile,
Wherever you end up, never ever lose that super smile.

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Runnning at full speed with no bounds ,
Cutting through air, just rushing sounds.

When you can see things happening all around,
Everything is the same, the sun, the earth's still round

The ways beckon you, but you pay no heed, In this very crowd, a simple word is all you need.

Lost and muddled in a jumble of shouts,
Answers, tough to find all left with doubts.

The confusion grows thicker by time and space,
The road becomes rougher and you lose the race.

Yet we stumble, gather the broken pieces at once,
The puzzle would never be complete may there set a million suns.

Why would you be lost if there was never a sway,
There wasn't a maze, just the horizon and a peeking ray.

No fear of getting over the edge, or the crevice,
Walk on, head held high, you ain't a cowardly speck of mice.

Times arise when the one you thought as simply gazers,
Are the ones who hold your hand to guide across many a razors.

Everyone in this wide world is lost in his or her spot,
Sway about, play a bout, dance in the wind for you can never hit the dot.

Why wish ill, when you can wish good for all,
Shouldn't you be happy for a smile? Be it big, be it small.

Myriad are the ways and turns of the path,
You might already be lost even while you take a bath.

It isn't a bad thing to be lost awhile,
For the thing to guide you back would just be HER SMILE....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Things dont even matter when you don't care,
Why is it that even then you think to dare.

No relation, no connection, no emotion yet sad,
No fault, yet it feels futile, worse than being just mad.

There wasn't a thing, not the smallest of links there,
All was mere supposition on this silly part I swear.

Why should it hurt when there was never a wound,
No pain yet its bad enough going back around.

Thinking is of no use some say, some say ignore,
If only it was so easy you are all but called a bore.

No one really cares for what you think of it,
For all have their life to live playing the small bit.

Your mind's a mess, a bad mess but why,
Can't understand just as the wide blue sky.

Why did the mind had the silly chocolate of hope,
And when you see the empty wrapper you know its the end of the rope.

The world is going on its way all the time and days,
No one has got time for your chatter and meddling ways.

The healing of an imaginary wound which never existed,
Is the hardest thing to do for its really really twisted.

The empty space becomes a void of fear,
For you realise it was fiction and walls of wear.

The time when you think of what could be done,
You give priority to the person who wud hav been the number one.

Ohh if only there would have been a story for some awhile,
Ohh if only there was the word "if" I would smile.

And then you see your friend's awaiting text on your cell,
Creeps then the silly smile and you say all is welll.

For life's too short too ponder and write poems abound,
Smile, laugh atleast try and move on, for whatever may come earth's still round.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Letter to GOD

Dear God,
         Hope this letter finds you in good health. Had debated quite a lot on whether to make this a formal or an informal one. But then decided on an informal letter. I do know that you are super busy. Thought that you might not even open my letter. Ha! but always keep trying they say. So this letter is nothing but what I wanted to say and I hope that you hear me out.
       I do not know how you look, but you might be soo... old. I heard many say that it was you who made this world. You are the one who makes those tiny leaves sway or make my heart beat. You seem to be powerful. So many questions arise about you. There are so many things, I want to talk to you about. I'll limit myself though. Aren't you the one who made us so diverse. But God this diversity of yours is troubling us so much. It was so nice of you to make each one of us unique. Sadly though, we all here run the same race. All my friends are superb. Everybody has something unique. But even then we all sit under the same tree. I do not understand what do you have in your mind. At times you seems so real and kind, but at times  you seem absent, somewhere very far away. What are you? I think you might not be a real person or a super human. You are the order. May be the same order that has kept the clock ticking. Sometimes when I visit some famous temples there are such humungous lines of devotees to put forth their complaints, wishes, orders and even bribes to you. And hey they bribe you. Don't they? Aren't you tempted when people say that they'll do 'something' if you grant them something?
   Ohh I wish if they would realise that you never interefere in their lives. Aren't we the ones who create our own future by our thoughts? Please God do make them understand. How inhuman it is to kill a fellow human being. Why do they not understand? God I wouldn't ask anything from you. For you have already given me more than enough. But please give us all the power to do something. It is not that I have lost hope. Beacause it is hope that has kept us alive for so ling. Teach me faith. Spread love and bless this innocent world of yours. For we live in a fog. Take care...
                                                                                Yours lovingly,


A crush

Confused, is the word for my mind right now,
Thoughts swirl about yet do not settle don't know how.

The person I haven't even talked to even smiled at,
How can she take over all the space like a spoilt brat.

Its just me sway, many a ones in the sway,
At times it seems wise enough to keep thoughts away.

But the smallest of glimpse or the liltest of thought,
Unsettles, rattles, battles like a petal in a storm caught.

Waste of time, distraction, are the phrases they use,
All set aside yet the innocence of my thoughts a ruse?

Why do they not understand, how it is to leave the ground,
Fly about in the winds of love and have those words all around.

Can't put it to words nor approach her, yet a hope stays,
Wishing for that something to happen someday before we part ways.

Beauty in the eyes of the looker, some say it is not,
Rather not, but if it crosses the lines wars were fought.

All just many a supposition and a silly proposition it is,
Time will fly by so soon that this moment would just be a whiz.

Heart beats at its pace yet as she nears gains a rush
Not some fishy stuff but wouldn't she ever know bout the li'l crush?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Run a race

  The crowd erupts in cheers as the runner crosses the finish line. The racer none other than the flying Sikh Milkha Singh. As the movie finishes with a cliche India vs Pakistan showdown, some thoughts run the laps of my mind.
A race they say is either won or lost. Each one of us runs a race. The moment you take in the first whiff of Oxygen you are pushed of into a race. Everyone has their own hurdles on the way. There has been no one till date who hasn't stumbled at least once in this race of life. While we run this race there are laps when we walk hands in hands with our fellow brethren. Some laps where we simply sprint caring not a bit for the world. Some laps where we keep looking behind or even ahead at the front runner. But rarely do we find the one runner who runs his own race. Seldom are such people found in this race track.

   We see many stumbling around this track of life because of their mistakes. Not an ounce of shame there. But sadly more than these many there are the ones who try their utmost to hinder others. Such a sad mentality of such wretched souls. No fault of theirs it is though. UPBRINGING the only flaw. Circumstances make people they say but is it so all the time? Can't we ever overcome these flaws? Even in a normal race its the weather, soil and other factors that aid or deter the winner, similarly there are many things that hinder or help you in your race. In the real races there is the audience to cheer you up, to keep your spirits high all the time. But in this race of ours there is no cheering audience. In fact no one cares whether you win or lose. Its simply you who decide your track speed. Rather not be a Usain Bolt, but aim for the Kenyan marathon runners. They run in consistency. Small fast dashes might garner you short lived fame but not the finale podium. You will find many a dedicated runners running at a breathtaking speed. You will be overtaken by many a sprinters. But here is the test of ones character. The race is nothing but a journey. Not to be overawed by the exuberance of others nor to dominate others.
    At times one seems to say that simply running throwing the wind to unawares is the only solution. Personally I do not think so. This race is a bit different from the monotonous ones where the winner is the one who finishes first. Here you race but with your own demons and flaws. It is you who reward yourself no one else. At times you need to slow down, to fall back and simply be still. Think, ponder and fill in the beauty of the track around you. To breathe and to understand where you finish line is. This race though seems lonely, is a place to meet new racers and walk hand in hand to cross the finishing rope. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Bird

Cracking open the shell was quite a job for me 

Pecking at it hard enough just the wide world to see

And when the first ray of light hits out like a beam 
I head out and step into the cosy nest easy it may seem

Being fed by my mother when I was young and weak
The mere wings and soft feathers were my home to speak 

All was so hazy and lazy so don't quite remember it
As I grew I could feel my wings raring to go bit by bit

My mother egging me forward from the cliff to make the jump
The first flight wobbly, scary, fairy and dreary with many a bump

Looking down from the sky above Oh! it was really scary
The wind under my wings pushing me ahead fun yet weary

Time ran exploring the blue skies and chirping away
Soon I had to leave my home for shelter night and day

It was quite a task to find my lovely little soul mate
But equal a joy it was when she and me went on a date

Even those days slipped by and fast it was soon
That I didn't  notice how I had lived by many a moon

There were dangers all around to fight tooth and nail
Yet it was the part of the life I had in rain and in hail

Building my little nest with my mate on a solid and firm a tree
And finally sitting in it and looking everywhere made me feel so free

Then came my tiny kids, a joy to behold their chirpy faces
To scavenge for their feed search and run a million races

How soon they grew up too, leaving me alone
Sad it was for me with even my dear lady gone

Now when I am grown so weary again and tired
Resting my used up wings all I do is think what conspired

In the distance I see the reddish sun going down
And it takes me down too, but with a smile and not a frown


    The nature of light has been one of the most debated topics of the scientific community. Some call for its particle nature while some for its wave nature. But leaving the scientific face aside let us wear the mask of the lay for a while. There are innumerable myriad occurrings around us. One such thing that puzzles me is 'light'. What is life without this very phenomenon. Can you imagine living minus the sensation of this very light. For me it is excruciatingly impossible.
     Even to think that I might have not had the sensation of light to my eyes is scary. Spare a silent thought for whom we call the 'blind'. A refined way to denote them is 'visually impaired '. But changing words hardly changes fact. The life they live. The steps they take. For us the opposite of light is dark. But for them what is dark? What do they actually see.? Is it completely blinding light or pitch black darkness? One wonders what is it exactly? Colours form such an integral part of our lives and for them how could it be? Faces, flowers, fauna and the wide world, no visuals. A scary picture this is. To have no aid of your eyes. In fact  for the ones who are sight impaired at birth, life might even be tougher. My heart goes out not in pity but in genuine care for such brethren of ours. And the good part is that this draw back has never stifled great minds. They find a way out. Just as the sun cannot be hidden forever, the ray of skill shines through beyond physical hurdles. There are many such people who lived a purposeful life and set examples for their fellow brethren.

      Coming back today we posses a thing called 'science'. Technology has made it possible to return or usher the light of vision in many lives. Quite a large number of people can be cured. They will be able to see. Sadly the thing that lacks now is the number of donors. Due to many conceptions made on the basis of incomplete knowledge, people hesitate to donate eyes. Think, Ponder and act. I will myself do so. Pledge our eyes to usher sight and light into dark life.

Monday, 15 July 2013

The thought chain

           Emotions well up sometimes finding no outlet in your heart. At times there are so many things which we feel like expressing but can hardly do so. Thoughts are so damn powerful. In fact according to me thoughts are the most underrated things out there in this world. The importance they carry is undeniable. But sadly as many a times we do not realise the importance of our thoughts. This is the real cause of all our troubles. How aware we ought to be when we think is never said about. All we hear is getting preached about morally right behaviour and ethics. The only thing the gen z hates is getting preached around by posers.
        But the only thing that we need to know is that our thoughts do matter a lot. sometimes I wonder what are thoughts. In fact a thought is the biggest mystery to mankind. When we think what is it that we actually do? As human beings we posses the mysterious ability to think. And we ought to learn how to use it to its fullest. Many may act as cynics to this article but it is plain fact what I am about to state:
       Thoughts that enter our mind are 99% a result of some outward event caught by our eyes, ears and so on. Sometimes if we try to trace the track of our thoughts it is damn hilarious. For example I once tried tracking my thoughts and the chain was as follows
  Lays→ Air → Flying → Superman → Man of steel → Steel → Jamshedpur → Near Kolkata → Ganguly → Champions trophy → Jersey → Cow → Milk → Milky way → Mars → Greece → Mythology → Hercules → Perseus → Rick Riordan → books → harry potter → Hermione → Emma Watson → Britain → UK → freedom → Gandhiji → spectacles → tarak mehta ka ulta chasma → overacting → Rakhi Sawant → Big boss → vindoo → match fixing → Sreesanth → short ball → ishant sharma → wide ball → Dhoni → Musharraf → Pakistan → ** → sachin →  retire → dravid → wall → ambuja cement → Boman Irani → munnabhai mbbs → sanjay dutt → Jail → kasab → 26/11 → **
  So see how literally ridiculous chain of thought it was. All things flow from higher level to a lower level. That's nature. So it made me ponder. A simple thought of the Lays chips drifted me away to **. I simply concluded that

1. Thoughts are highly volatile
2. U never know where a thought is going to take you.
3.Beware of what you think.

Such thought chains might have occurred to many a people. The crux of the matter is that we neglect what we think. We do not pay attention and get diverted. Here's we ought to stop and think over. Thoughts send out vibrations out in the world and attract similar things in our life. 
                                                       To be continued...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All mistakes can be forgiven

               Life is a myriad notebook of uneven pages. Some pages scribbled over while some typed to perfection. Some pages worth preserving for a lifetime, while some to be torn off in the earliest. This very notebook of our lives is dearly loved by one and all. The saying that "No one is perfect" applies to all even to the one who coined the saying. If everyone or even anyone was supposed to be perfect, there would have been no colour to lives.
We commit many a mistakes in our lifetime. Most of the times we do not even realise that we are committing a mistake. Who is it that decides that we have committed a mistake. Some supernatural body?
                No, not at all. Mistakes are relative. A fault for a person may be a oblation for the other. So there is no perfect definition for a mistake. On an average we do something wrong every day. Sometimes more than one thing a day. We do realise our folly at times, but there intervenes our conscious power. It always has ready explanations. It has irrevocable logic for all our deeds. No person blames himself for his folly ever. It is human nature to do so. And it can hardly be changed. The catch here is when the time comes for forgiving a  mistake. First of all it takes tremendous courage to ready oneself to ask for redemption. Its not a thing for the cowards. Asking forgiveness requires superhuman effort. When a person approaches you to seek forgiveness for his mistake, remember that it has taken huge efforts to bring him to you. And that amount of courage even you might not possess. Memory is a thing which brings back the hurt of past and replays it in our minds over and over again. It seldom allows us to forget. That's a shortcoming that every individual faces. At such times is our true test of courage.
         To simplify things one could classify the steps to forgive as follows

1.Think: Think a lot. Think once, twice, thrice if required more than that about the occasion. Think in your mind before you speak a word. Words hurt a lot, sometimes even harder than a bullet. Think, Think and think.

2.Breathe: This might sound ridiculous to some. But a fresh draught of oxygen helps to clear your mind.

3.Place: This is the most important and perhaps a tough step to follow. Place yourself in place of the person who seeks forgiveness. Think from the other side of the fence. It gives you a fresher perspective.

4:Say "It's okay!" : Saying it out loud is very much important. You can't even imagine how much  better you and the other person will feel once its said. It will help you much more than the other person so say it.

           In the end one thing which we keep forgetting is that it is not every time that a person will come to you to ask for forgiveness. At such times simply forgive without waiting. It is an uphill task to set our ego aside and say "Its okay!". But not an impossible one. Because for once when you really forgive a person you free your own mind from thoughts of negativity and sadism about the person. So remember__

Think, Breathe, Place and Say it.
Have a nice day

Sunday, 16 June 2013


An impact a thought, word or an act makes
Leaves a deep scar, to heal great effort it takes

Not an easy job for a wound of the past to patch
All good deeds go by but a single bad one our mind may catch

The memories of helpful days are soon forgotten in time
Why shouldn't those good things stay but a petty crime

To err is human but to forgive they say is divine
Find a fault of other is easy but couldn't be mine

In fact its tough to say those two very straight and simple words
'Its okay' and even tougher to mean em from your heart of hearts

Even the so called mythical golden heart of the fable 
Is rarely strong enough to forget and forgive yet be able

A grudge can be carried for generations to come along 
It becomes an evil inheritance to the next for none their wrong

Wasn't it a mere grudge of families that killed Romeo and his beloved 
Wouldn't there be happily ever after had they thrown the grudge off their head

Its a mighty task to erase that memory that hurt you
To get it off your conscience and smile at the sky so blue

Ego is the root cause, they say it aloud
Everyone has to an extent no one less proud

Its just theory to give up ego not a steady practical
True it hurts a lot and pains but no use being always vertical

I need to bend and take a curve for its my good
To embrace with open arms and finally drop the hood

I have tried it a billion times but each in vain
But its the billion plus one say to end the pain

Oh! I ask 'Haven't I ever hurt a soul ever?'
Yes says a small voice infact many times over

So yes all deserve a chance to start afresh
Simply a smile entangles you from the viscious mesh

In the end you die taking no attaches with you
So why think, ponder and grimace over a silly thing small as dew

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Iris flower

             The florist dusted the counters. Again he had to discard the flowers. It was a tricky business. Everyday you had to keep the freshest of flowers, there could be no cheating over here. You could be caught easily. And the last few months had been terrible. No more was the business in full swing. Other than the odd customer all was in shambles. But he hadn't given up hope. The day was cloudy. Again not much of a day for business. But he was a bit happy today. Finally after a rigorous search he had found the exotic Iris flower. The one which was the envy of all florists. One of the best out there. He had displayed it on the topmost shelf. It occupied a position of honour in his shop. It was simply beautiful. He was not going to sell it all. No not for any price. Whatever may it be. He settled down for another dreary day. He propped himself on the cosy couch and settled for a lazy read of the magazine that lay on the table. It thundered outside. The clouds had gathered. In a huddle. And it started. Pouring, raining in gallons. 'Ohh! All those little chances of having a customer had been now washed off', he thought.'Who would venture in this wild rain to buy a bouquet. It would be sheer foolishness'. Now he had to drag out another miserable day. The torrential rain poured in all its might. It was so very close to a storm. 
             As the rain gained momentum, the florist began to doze off. All of a sudden the bell on the shop door clinked. "Strange a customer, in such a weather?', thought the florist. Or may be it was just some traveller wanting shelter from the rain. Yea in all probability it must be the later. He stood up and went to the counter. There stood a drenched young man. In his early 20s probably. He was drenched to the toe. Shivering due to the chill. The young lad stepped forward and said, 'Could I get a rose bouquet please?'. The language was quite polite, a contrast to his dress up. The florist gave a plastic smile and asked him to wait while he prepared the bouquet. The young man stood, hands in his pockets and tried to warm himself. He was glancing at the beautiful array of flowers on the show case. There it was the beautiful Iris flower. 'Thats a beautiful flower you have got there.', said the guy. 'A genuine smile of pride crossed the florist's face.'Yea it is the Iris. Mind you its quite rare and of course not going to sell it for any cost.' The guy smirked and said,'As if I could afford it'. The florist gave another head to toe inspection of the young boy and handed him over the bouquet, stringed with a satin lace and covered in plastic. The roses were beautiful but not as pretty as the Iris. The boy's hand went to his pocket, if you could call that wet thing a pocket. And out came a single wet note. The boy grimaced.'Ohh, seems I can't afford that one too.' The florist was disheartened, 'So no customer even today, when luck hits you bad it is really bad', thought he. The Boy hopelessly tried drying the note by blowing at it. He seemed desperately in need of the bouquet. The scene was pitiable.
                Something struck a cord in the florists heart and he said, 'Take it my boy. Take it for free. Its you day. Enjoy' Hardly had these words spilled out of his lips the boy brightened. The smile was beaming. It was contagious. The florist smiled as he handed over the bouquet to the boy. 'Good luck and good luck to you dear boy'.The boy was delirious and said,'Ohh yes I need all the luck I can  today. This is for the one. The special one. I hope she says yes. And more importantly her father. I just wish it does happen. Ohh god please.' The florist thought for a second and said,'Wait'. He stepped towards the topmost shelf and took out the Iris flower. He looked at it, a fatherly smile and placed it in the bouquet. Ah it seemed so perfect now. The colour the beauty seemed to be in a perfect circle.'I can't afford that one, let alone take it', the boy said.'keep it its yours and good luck. I am sure she won't say no now', said the florist and winked at the boy. The boy literally skipped out into the rain onto his way. The florist sighed as he came back to the counter. Another day. So now he had to close down the shop, maybe forever. He couldn't afford so many loses. He had so easily given away his most precious collectible free of cost. But he was happy. That's all. Tomorrow would be it. The last day of his beloved shop.
                A new day dawned. The florist opened the shop with a teary smile. It would be the last day today. Today he had used up all his savings everything for a complete buyout of the flower market. He had bought the most beautiful flowers. He started decorating the shop. Today more than ever. Docking it with flowers. Ironically it was like decorating a funeral pyre.He smiled inwardly and sat down for the one last time at the counter. It was a bright sunny day out there. A pleasant day for flowers. Such a paradox. He sat down appraising his shop. And then he heard the screech of rubber outside his shop. It brought him back out of the reverie. He looked out of the window and saw the most royal car he had seen to date. It was so unusual in these parts. Especially for a florist. It was a rolls Royce. Ohh it was one heck of a beauty. The chauffeur opened the door and out stepped a burly man. A gentleman with a gold walking stick and exuberant suit. Every apparel of his screamed just one word "Rich". The man moved aside for someone else to get out of the car. 'ahh how can it be', thought the florist. Out stepped the young boy. In a dapper suit, hand stitched, with a beautiful lady at his side. The couple was perfect. The trio stepped into the shop. The burly man cleared his throat and the florist was by his side at once. 'How can I help you?', asked the florist.'Irony was the day today, on the day when he was about to close his shop forever he was getting his most rich customer to date.', thought the florist. The burly man said,'Ahh so its you who gave my son-in-law the Iris. Thank you for that'. The florist nodded. The young man stepped ahead with the lady and said,'Sir yesterday I was in shambles and desperate. It was your Iris which played an important role in getting my lady. So thanks for that. Today I  am here all with another request. I want you to be the one to set up the decor for my marriage. No costs barred.' The florist was in a haze. When all roads had seemed dead and bolted. A gate was thrown open to him. As the trio left he saw a check of a million dollars across his counter. So it was not over after all. The Iris had turned out to be lucky after all.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

╝ Pouring is it? ╚

When the clouds gather and huddle,
Sky darkens over the dainty cover,
The small pit is now about to be a puddle,
Thoughts spring about that imaginary lover.

Whistles blown by the windy air,
Rustling through leaves and heaves alike,
Opening umbrellas and coats as a precautionary care,
The feel of an upcoming event you might like.

The flashes of light streak across the sky,
And that sudden glow in the darkened lair,
All eyes turn upwards appraising the high,
It booms warning you step out only if you dare.

The first drop catches the skin unawares,
Bringing back from the reverie of dreams,
The vendors, hawkers in haste gather their wares,
Ha! lurking rain in the bowels of clouds breaks the seams. 

All the quiet and silence disappears in a flash,
As it starts squeaking, slashing over the rack,
In no time it gains force pouring a dash,
Run for shelter find it soon or get a smack.

Darkness all around calls for thoughts of dread,
Thinkers race ahead of time in their silly mind,
"To catch the last local" crashes into their head,
But even in this crowd is the one smiling kind.

The one who throws all thought to abandon,
Caring not a bit for the fear of catching cold,
Simply to feel the drops drizzle on the body for fun,
The hearts still young though the body might be old.

Behold the beauty they say of the out pour of the heaven,
Smile at the rain bringing you gallons of happiness,
Count no time on the wristwatch nine ten or eleven,
Getting your being wet is a joy surely no less.

And though at times it feels so unwanted,
The slush, the mush and the obstinate mud,
Wading through the puzzles and taking nothing granted,
"Go away" you scream in all but cold blood.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Coming to terms with..

Why is it that we have so many things pulling us back,
Some times we need to rethink our steps as many times until we crack

Its true that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence,
Yet every trouble seems so huge and ends making us so damn tense

Getting evaluated, rated or judged by some random standards,
Always running  a race on weary legs begging so much to be free birds

If only we could break away even for a while from the crowd,
To take a very deep breath, deep indeed and then let it out real loud

Time has its own pace, passing away so fast slipping as sand,
Being mobbed, robbed or simply lobbed makes one fear to raise a hand

Every one has to be measured by the same scale, I ask by whom?
Shut out all your gifts for all you to is add to the already crowded room

Dreams then remain the only out let for our vivid muses,
Giving a free space to run amok doing something not just for uses

But even amidst this dreary atmos and clouded shrine,
There still awaits for us a calling goal like a golden mine

You owe a lot to those who brought you in this world, 
Never will you ever repay but have faith that you will have you way

What you think is what you ask for yourself in your life,
Has no limits a good job, a fat pocket or even a loving wife

Its no laughing matter, its the science of give and take,
If you spread joy,cheer and happiness it is what you will rake

All those reading these thoughts take a time out and flash that smile
For nothing is certain than this lovely present moment, live with joy a awhile

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A story : Is it yours?...

              Tears rolled across her moist eyes. It was decided then. She took firm yet fragile steps towards the beach and the raving sea. The same beach where she used to relish as a kid. The same beach where she used to relish and rejoice as a kid. The same beach where she had fussed at the sea for scattering her sand castles. The naked feet and the sand beneath. It was all too familiar. The 'bhelvala' had packed up his stall and was on the move. It was almost twilight. The sun in the distance was a vibrant red. So bright yet not intense. This was the place, she had frequented the most as a child. Never before had this beach heard her sobs. The only tears she shed here were of pristine joy. But it was a different scenario today. Her brain was in a muddle. Her heart was in trouble. She had not lived up to the expectations. Everyone had expected a lot of her. The expectant smiles replayed in the theatre of her mind. The way the elder ones would be proud and the way the little ones would be in awe. It was all lost in a jiffy. All was in a disarray now.

           She could still recall the way her father had proclaimed proudly, that she would be the one to break all the records. Leave alone records she had failed. Good that he had not yet seen her. She could not face her father. He had pooled in every penny for her. Savings and valuables had been mortgaged just for her. She shouldn't have taken the leap. It was just too high for her.

                          'Cut your cloak according to your means'

                This thought taunted her. Yet she had not paid heed. And now here she was in shambles. Failing miserably. The waves by now tickled her bare feet. The cold touch brought her back from the haunting reverie. Her feet moved as if they had a mind of their own. Carrying her further towards the edge of the shore. And now she was almost waist deep. The water soothed her numb mind. Her hands splaying across the cold surface. The cool jets of water rushing through her fingers. Exhilarating it was to face the retiring sun. She would join him soon. To retire from this life. But unlike the Sun there would be no tomorrow for her. She would set forever never to rise. It was strangely calming to know that it would end soon. Leaving this realm for another one. No use of living now. She had to do it. It would be relief to end it. To end her life... In the distance something stirred. It was unexpected. An old fisherman she could sense. Gathering his net. Where did he come from? It was going to be a nuisance. Ohh go way!.. Let me end it. Let me take MY LIFE... she thought. And then she heard him say.. "Is it yours?",, She was caught unawares. As she turned towards him. He had a handkerchief, probably had been stuck in the net. She nodded in denial. The fisherman shrugged and went  away. But he hadn't left her alone; He had left her a question.. "Is it yours?"
               The question rang in her head. Was it hers? Was her life her own?? Complete ownership?? Was she the absolute owner of her life? Her father's face flashed across. The smile, the beautiful smile, especially reserved for her.  He had a share in her life too, hadn't he?? Her mates, buddies, teachers, brothers, sisters, every individual had a share in her life. Those tiny moments they had invested in her life. They surely had a share. Her life wasn't only hers to take. NO, Not an option. To end it.. As a wave came gushing to embrace her, she recoiled. What was she about to do.. That terrible moment had passed. The terrible pain was still there. But her body had accepted it now. Rather than running away. The pain would become a part of her life. She could see clearly now. As if some mist had been cleared away. Taking small yet determined steps, on her way back to the life that wasn't solely hers. The old fisherman was nowhere to be seen. No raft marks on the sand, nothing at all. Nothing could prove the existence of the old man. He had vanished without a trace. Leaving nothing but a question. A question, which had saved her.. "Is it yours?"

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sending out those positive vibes

               At times we read about newer discoveries in the stream of quantum physics. Sadly this word is being used very loosely nowadays. The relation between the actual existence of things is being made more and more complicated. Science has made man to refine sources of energy. Energy has been just in the reach of human intellect. And man has been trying to polish it and make it more exploitable. But at this juncture we forget that there is an avenue beyond energy and it is much more expansive. That avenue is the "vibrations". The vibrations are much more subtle than energy. As we have merely been acquainted with dual nature of particles. This is really a great thought been developed by De Broglie (properly pronounced as 'Dee Broye'). Particularly the wave part. This article is not on scientific terms, but I had to resort to them just for an introduction. The Human body is much more than it is seen by human eyes. It has a much more subtle layer around it. And it is the vibrations. The vibrations that we create by our own thoughts.                                   
          The thoughts have much more credit in shaping our lives than we actually give them. In fact it is mere thoughts that define the boundaries or dissolve the boundaries of our life. The greatest the most seemingly improbable innovations have been first developed in the processor of our brain feeding the coding via thoughts. The adage "nothing is impossible" needs to be taken very seriously if we really mean to achieve anything at all in our the life. The vibrations of our thoughts are sent out in this universe (and if you mean to believe me not just one but infinitely many universes). The simple analogy to this is that. We ourselves are like an "Antenna" and transmit our thoughts feelings and emotions into space. Our frequency then gets tuned according to the nature of our thoughts (this again is relative). This frequency then decides how vivid will the circumstances be in our life.
  For example many a times we get an instant hatred for any random stranger.. or on the contrary we get a feeling of intense attachment for someone. The most apt explanation for this is our thoughts and the consequent vibes we send out. I would like to put forth a quote.

" Every relation in this world is nothing but a mirror of thoughts which the two people have for one another"

    Going by the above maxim, we get to know the importance of thoughts. Our mind has no capability to differentiate between good and bad. It is we ourselves who have to be conscious at three levels.

        If we create check points at these three levels we Will win over the world to our side. Great men are none but the ordinary ones who knew to keep a check at these three levels. Rest assured all falls into a line automatically. The sad thing is that the vast majority does not know the importance of thoughts. In fact we don't even pay attention to what we think. We think that we are quite safe enough in the privacy of our minds (beware of telepaths :P ).. But it isn't so. Every little thought that passes by the vacant fields of our mind sows its seed. And where there is action there has to be a reaction. And hence by this law we do get a result. The only thing is that we don't have the time and patience to analyse ourselves. I have met many a proponents of YOLO "You only live once" philosophy. And it is meant to spent (rhyming isn't it :P ).
          With all due respect my only answer would be for them... IF we live only once, why not live beautifully. Life is an art, enjoy it. And I do not mean, whale it away. There are means by which you can find beauty in the merest of rocks. Even the coconut palm tree.. the beauty it exudes. Like a mother it holds the coconuts close to its womb sheltering them from the sun. THis is beauty. And for me this beauty itself if is GOD..

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chuck it away

Don't change for the sake of somebody
Polishing, relishing, frolicking your way
Its a crime to force yourself for some Maddy
Simply chuck it away

Living to match the standards set out
Running the rat race with drudgery
overcoming what is only laid about
Simply chuck it and clearly see

Great men said great things for us 
Get inspired but not blind
Carve your own path drive your own bus
Simply chuck the past behind

At times when the devil of anger creeps
Give it a vent to lose it all
Jump high as you can but remember no one really weeps
Simply chuck and let it fall

No one is going to give you a medal for your pamper
Neither for your branded styled jeans
Criticism, take it in but not let it hamper
Simply chuck those plans and use your means

It is the mad ones who make it large
So don't smother the sleeping maniac
Let it grow big and break, push and barge
Simply chuck off what's on the spoon-fed rack

On your way to the awaiting deathbed
There will come many a friends
Never let them out of your heart though may they fall off your head
Simply chuck every thought and think, as this thing ends

Monday, 20 May 2013

Rewind those days..

Jumping off a cliff into the sea of questions along the shore,

Full of riddles, puzzles and doubts and many things a more

The time when we used to be curious about the tiniest of things,
Asking and pestering our parents about why don't we grow little wings

When the shadow following us under the sun was a mystery book,
And the fragrance of flowers was as tempting as the way it used to look

The night time stars were mere shiny lamps glimmering all the way,
And not balls of gases in the universe with fixed orbit paths and bright as may

It was when respect was something which came right from our heart,
And not to be preached on slide shows or using an underlined branded chart
Relishing the melting ice cream cone, was a delight we awaited for,
Statuses, instagrams and snapshots never mattered than Ray and his drigger

Cartoons gave us a new world to live in, exploring our vast mind,
It was simply the sweetest smile which would make friendships bind

When gossip was a word yet un looked in the untouched dictionary,
The boy with the latest designer pencil was worshipped as a visionary

Eyes knew just one quality, which they now search as in innocence,
Never had to hid them behind glares or cooking up a stylish new pretence 

Hide and seek, was game for all, not a difference for a girl or a boy,
Finding your hidden mates from behind walls and nooks was sheer joy

Quarrels and arguments were not uncommon during play time,
But all was forgotten and forgiven in a jiffy and mere teasing wasn't a crime
You would be punched, hit or pushed but never slapped,
Ego, pride and esteem used to be locked away and always zapped

Breaking a toy just bought new was more common than breaking hearts,
We used to play games on boards and roads but not cunning scheming parts

Used to select from the colourful cadbury gems and not a choosy dress,
Climbing to reach for jars of goodies, tiny little fingers ending all in a mess

Tears would come easy, but never ashamed of them, for the silliest of reasons in life,
Not like now when words cut through miles and distances sharper and painful than a knife

At times it seems an option to sit in the time machine and go all the way back,
Revisit the memories, shed all pretence and be child and simply enjoy cheerily our favourite snack

Yet if I search within there is always the silly, stupid, mindless, streak,

Waiting just to be let off the hook, to shout, scream, laugh and sometimes squeak.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The ageing Platform

                                            The dented goods train chugged out of the old station. The station wore a sordidly empty look. A lonely gas lamp spilled musty light around it. The platform guard made his way back to the shambles called as his railway office. The station 'Ciborna' had been somehow forgotten. The arthritis in his weakened knees kicked in. He let out a sigh and sat on the platform chair, made of solid stone. The guard set the lamp on the floor and dimmed it. The days had gone by. The time when Ciborna was a hub of activity. The hustle bustle of the porters and the screams of the vendors had died out. The hurrying passengers had forgotten Ciborna too.
           The damned new express train bypassed Ciborna running straight through the mountain, which once used to be encircled by the trains going via Ciborna. There was nothing majestic about Ciborna. But yes it was a respite for the train drivers. The drivers would get off the train here for a cup  of tea in those chilly mornings and nights alike. They used to bring in the gossip from the cities. The latest news about the revolutions. The guard used to entertain the chanter. It was a welcome change. The tea vendor used to earn considerably too. Something about Ciborna used to attract the passengers too. The passengers used to prefer Ciborna to the rather more accessible Kelby station. May be it was for the scenic view Ciborna provided or perhaps it was the difference of two rupees in the ticket charges. The guard smirked, probably it was the later. He was 18 when he had started his job as a junior guard at Ciborna. It had been 51 long years. Really long. He should have retired by now. In fact he was awarded a voluntary retirement just 8 years ago. Just when the express way train had started. But no, he wouldn't accept it.

       Ciborna was now no longer frequented. Just a single luggage train made a trip via Ciborna, once a week. The station master had been transferred to Kelby for the expressway train. The station sweeper had left long ago. The tea vendor was no more now. Some how he, the guard was the only one left behind. All to see, Ciborna wither away. Those days of liveliness were mere memories now. Yet the guard had stayed back for his beloved station. The night was treacherous. As a strong breeze blew tugging at the flickering lamp. As the wind finally succeeded blowing off the lamp. But it wasn't only the lamp that had been extinguished. It was the treacherous wind which had blown away another flame.. The withering old flame of life.. And now his body would lay on the stone chair of Ciborna waiting for another week before the next luggage train to discover it lifeless..


          The earth which is supposed to be a planet which has been blessed by the gift of life. It is billions of years old. The life of any individual is enormously insignificant in the book of earth's history. Many civilisations int the history of past 4000 years came and left their mark. Their  physical remains, went into oblivion. Yet even to this day the culture, the thoughts of many great civilisations breathe among us. There are numerous such cultures which at times got differentiated and at times integrated to form a amalgam of cultures. It is  overwhelming to take a note of every geographically defined culture. Our present day activities are nothing but a highly refined(or are they?) version of our ancestors. Any culture has some prominent ethics which perpetuate in the followers of of that particular culture. In fact no individual or even a community, ever creates a culture consciously. It is an automated process, which neither has a zenith nor a nadir. Every culture vehemently stresses its greatness over other contemporary cultures. This gives rise to many a conflicts. In fact to a majority of conflicts. Culture is a collective emotion which embraces the lifestyle of the people. Some times people from one culture try and consciously imbibe it. Many times this permeation takes place unconsciously. Thus cultures evolve. The very universal law that "Change is the only constant" comes in to the larger picture. Hence the rigid and orthodox followers of any culture do more harm than good. The simple and easy activities degrade into mere traditions.
                     At this point of time, It is important to stress that no culture as such is 'Perfect'. Nothing in this world is meant to be perfect. Imperfection adds the subtle glimmer to the omnipresent beauty. Coming back on track culture is a phenomenon which can never be limited to the boundary of mere words. It is an everlasting experiences which permeates through thoughts and lives alike. It requires unflinching passion and a thirst to explore. We Indians are bearers of a culture which bears the power to redeem one and all from the edge of the precipice which stands over an abyss. Whatever the cynics and critics might proclaim. I believe that we do have hope. Even as in the Pandora's box all that was left was hope. It is mere hope that has provided the required boost in times of drudgery. The only root of misery is ignorance. The need of the time is being aware of the treasure that we possess. The key has been lost, but can be found. All I ask is for faith. A very big thing to ask of course in such times where all morality seems lost. But do ponder over. Culture is not a collection but every individual represents a Culture. It is an individual experience of collective action.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The fog

The brain they say should be sharp and alert
Forever and ever on your guard
You should always be on your toes though deep in dirt
But are these things so easy to ward

They expect you to seem lithe and confident
Ready to solve the latest puzzle
But all the smothered steam hardly finds a vent
To escape out, to tear the binding muzzle

For me the surroundings seem so in a hurry 
I need to match my pace with the big Ben
All strive day and night heart on sleeves, mind in worry
As the reel rolls by you start your walk towards the den

The people make one so conscious about my bearings
The etiquette, the manners all a play
And the underlying mischief and subtle swearings 
Yet God bless em all is what I say.

Believe me if you will with your heartiest smile
For all this is an art to live a day
Be thankful that fog covers the naked truth for a while
But if you wish you could make it sway

Does it matter if a person thinks wrong about me
It shouldn't technically of course
But I am a human, cannot always pretend a glee
I keep shouting it aloud till i go hoarse

Some say the fog hides away your saddest tears 
Yes it does conceal them away
Do not be ashamed to clear away the devilish foggy fears
Because its no use pretending night and day

Be the real person that has the heart beating in you
Hear to those gentle chimes
swaddle away the fog the time it cleared is due
There are to come yet those happy times 

Do all you will but never curse any soul
For its something which will boomerang
Live the life as it comes your way enjoying the whole
'Be Happy' is all once a great seer sang

Dispel the fog to embrace the goodness that still exists
Pessimists, cynics and hypocrites are all but our brethren
Its time you bless them and move on from fogs to mists
Ohh and someday all end going towards the same den.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013